Get Rid of Charlie ....

Brutal Game .... The Stamps must have run that one play ten times and the Cats Coaching Staff made no adjustments to stop it.... Charlie stood on the sidelines looking lost.... charlie has to go ....


at least not yet.

Are we going to start this after every loss?

It was a short week after 2 solid efforts. If anybody has to go its Denny. Im willing to wait until after our next home game when we have a full week of practice. Having said that, the defensive situation has to be addressed... the Offense is not that bad IMO.

Great argument: Cats lost therefore fire the coach.

give it time... remember OB is watching..
the talent is there....
the season is young

great clubs are built- player by player
they dont come out of a bottle

then again

a three man front --- and with nine people back there

we still cant stop the pass?

[quote="Crash"]If anybody has to go its Denny.

Could not agree with you more Crash.

This isn't about one loss.... Its about his sub par performance last year and a 1 -3 start this year ....

I don't think you can hang this one entirely on Taafe although I can see where you're coming from. Just like last year, he and his coaches just don't seem to be able to adapt during a game. But apart from that, the Cats' execution stank and the players are to blame for that. And give Calgary credit--they're the class of the league this season.

An Argo-Cat fan


THAT is precisely the problem that others have pointed out tonight.

These continual knee jerk firings do not allow any growth or continuity to take place.

Look, it was a short week with travel out west.

You have a new QB with all new recivers and new OC. Sound familair. All TOO familair.

Same goes for the D, especially so.

100% Correct ....

Yah whats up with the back to back delay of game penalties ? Looks terrible. They pulled the trigger on Greg Marshall quickly why not on Taffe? Your recieving corps is starting to look better though.

Did he not get 2 full seasons?

Charlie and his staff are unable to make adjustments in game situations.... He did a terrible job last year and he's doing the same this year.... Get Rid of him ....

firing is gonna solve what then we come out with new playbooks etc and its just another season lost. imo thats been our problem is replacing everyone coaches players etc way too much thats why we are where we are currently

Last year was differenst assistants and many diffrent players.

It's only been 4 games!

The stopped Toronto, and stopped Saskatchewan at times to allow the O to comeback and take the late lead.

So, 4 games in, on a short week, with travel out west can take its toll on a new team.

The problem is that Obie made a Bonehead move in not firing charlie in the first place....

Listen, Charlie did not cause all those fumbles and bonehead plays that set the tone for the game early on.

It was Casey and Tre. They blew it early. later.

If you're going to go and call for Taaffe's firing how about being constructive and suggesting a legitimate replacement.

I don't care what sport you're playing, taking three years off isn't good. Give Casey some time to get his mojo back. The talent is there, the timing needs a chance to come back.

I wonder if Hufnagal would have gone to ticats if they had got to him before calgary?

Mike Riley anyone??