Get rid of Bishop or have a repeat of 2008

You wanna have a chance at first place? you want to win games where you aren't relying on coming back in the 4th qtr??

want consistency?

toss Michael Bishop on his ass, out the door and tell him to never come back!

go find a QB that can actually play in this damn league!

go get Williams from Hamilton. this guy can play, he just needs an o-line that can protect him.

I expect Bishop to be let go for cap reasons and the young QB’s we have in our stables. We rolled the dice with Bishop and came up with snake eyes.

In any case, it was a great last twelve months!

Good post. 12 wins with all Rider injuries was great. Bishop cost Riders nothing in the trade. He gave them some wins this year. But he is to inconsistent. Hope ET and Miller are smart enough to do this. Play young qbs. Its time.

I have to admitt you guys are right it was one hell of a ride this year,it really sucks when you finish this way. Bishop has to go and Et has to do it because our coach cant he he couldn’t get rid of him from this game till the game was basically over.

They need to move Bishop by Christmas or risk many season tickets to go un-renewed. They better sign Durant before he gets to free-agency. I would sooner go 9 - 9 and see Durant get properly developed than trying to save Bishop's career.

I have no problem not inviting Bishop back, but are we that fickle that we won't renew season tickets if it doesn't happen and pronto?? My, oh my. I hope someone is still running on emotion and will come to their senses after time heals the wound a bit.

Tillman must get rid of Bishop. If he does not I will lose respect for the man. Miller is in love with Bishop. I said Riders should give Bishop a chance to play with healthy players. Cates and Fantuz and others. That happened today and he sucked. Durant should have played in the 2nd half. Shivers did this. He let Barrett get him fired. What ET does will say if he is different than Shivers. Or if he loves Bishop like Miller does.

I'm an Argos fan. Now Rider fans can truly feel my pain. Bishop played just as horrible in this game, as he did in the Eastern Final last year against Winnipeg. Bishop can't win the big games. I don't know what it is with that guy. I think he's a great guy, nice guy, but he's not a smart QB. He's got a rocket for an arm, he has his positive moments but consistency is nowhere to be found. I think the only reason why they elected to start Bishop was because he had previous playoff experience. I think it's over for Bishop now.

I have been coming to games since the late 70's. I hold 2 season tickets and will actually buy 4 for next year no matter what. I fly the Rider flag at my house year round. I will be there there even if they started a high school QB. I am just going on what I have heard around Regina in conversations. This is not a knee-jerk reaction as I have been hearing this for the past month. Many people are furious with Tillman and Miller for the QB problem and they if they do not see Bishop moved many will be gone. We have not always sold-out Mosaic and many of the these fans are new but will not re-new if they do not beleive that we have a chance in the post-season and Bishop does not inspire that confidence.

As much as I respect coach Miller's decision making, Bishop should've got the hook at half time. I agree the should let him go ASAP as the longer he's here the more it will hurt team chemistry. His inconsistency is hurting the team. Michael alone did not lose the game, but he sure didn't help. You could see on the bench and in the huddle that the team had lost confidence in him. We have have three other quarterbacks with so much potential, it's time to see what the've got.

Tillman, Hopson, and Miller all need to sit in front of the cameras and publicly state they scewed the pooched with the fans. And they are personally responsible for the mess at quarterback. They will commit to getting a proven starter next year.

All we heard from them this year, was that Crandell was more cost effective and could win. Then when they brought in Bishop with his hyped up contract, it was don't worry we will still be good under the cap we have room.

So where does that leave the fans, shaking there heads, wondering are the riders going to through the 2009 season trying to figure out who is at quarterback.

I have no problems with some fans stating they will not renew their season tickets until the quarterback issue is fixed. If you go back into history, when the riders started to slip and kept slipping under the Ford era, it wasn't until they got rid of the bulk of the season ticket base before they woke up and started to change things. The fans can't let this happen again.

There's a very good chance you might have won with Crandell.

ET isn't the problem, Miller isn't the is just the challenge of dealing with all the injuries. As mentioned before Bishop will be let go for cap reasons, so we don't have to worry about Bishop in 2009.

Personally I think Michael Bishop is finished as a starting QB in the CFL. I don't know who would want him. He definitely should have been given the hook at half-time. That was a rookie coaching mistake in my evaluation. Even when he wasn't throwing interceptions he was missing the open guy. The Riders have a good stable of young QB's at the ready for next year. The key will be to select the one who can be a leader and be the STARTER.

You make statements Mike. Like you know everything. You say Bishops hyped up contract. Tell us this. What did Bishop make? Was Argos contract all salary. Maybe it was this. Signing bonus and low salary. Tell us Mike.

A very good chance? I could live with "a chance" - after all, there is a chance we could have won with me at QB no matter how remote it is - but a very good chance? :roll:

He needs to go now. It would be nice if it was dealt with like the Don Matthews affair, and have him gone within a week. Truthfully, that's better for Bishop too. He can start preparing for what's next for him, and not strung along too long by the Riders.

The release of Crandell for the signing of Bishop? hahaha i hope Crandell is laughing his ass off right now.....

I disagree with all you guys who think Bishop needs to go. You know what will happen? they'll give him to some other team, and he'll do awesome. I think they should keep him and decide the starter in training camp. I wouldn't even be dissapointed if they went with him next year, because i think he would do good. Actually what they should have done is never gotten rid of Crandell, i mean who fires someone from 1 bad game?

ok, while I'll agree Bishop did blow it, and I know everyone (including me) is fuming mad at him but come on... Let's be reasonable...

He didn't have a strong enough game relationship with the top recievers. He had maybe 2 games with the top receivers, and couldn't get a feel for them...

The blame can't just fall on Bishop's shoulders...

Ken Miller also could've done some things to help us win... He could've pulled Bishop earlier after he saw he was having a bad game... Also Wes Cates didn't seem to run with the intensity he ran with all season because he was still a little injured... Foord could've done a good enough job while Cates rested....

Also Bishops confidence level must've dropped when after the first quarter everyone was chanting 'We Want Durant'...

So I say lets keep Bishop around until training camp and give him a fair chance at the starting job....