Get rid of Americans

Why are we paying these hacks to come up here and play?

Oh, the leauge isnt good enough to exist without Americans! Really, then why is leauge in constant threat of bankruptcy every year? And why dont Americans watch our game if the talent we import is so good? And what about the players themselves who come up here with a distinguished priviledge of playing in the CFL, what do these guys do for their local communities how do these players make it any better for the rest of us just so that they can avoid the reality of getting real jobs back where they came from, or now that the US is receding economically, joining their own unemployment lines?

Somebody needs to explain to me why we allow Americans to play this game? The CFL has been falling apart for over 30 years now, at one time this leauge was at par with the pro leauges in the States, what happened over that time? We have been infiltrated by American wannabes who have taken over the leauge when in fact they shouldnt even be playing pro ball as their careers should have ended in college, it makes me sick to watch guys like Porter, a future banker, to waste time developing when a Canadian isnt even given the chance, its a sick joke that needs to come to an end.

uummm....cuz they're better.

This thread is a joke.

Not all of it. His Porter comment is spot on.

OP, do you even watch the CFL? Check the MOP awards since, forever, and see how many Canadians have won it. I support Canadian players who are good enough to play but you need a reality check.

The CFL has been falling apart for over 30 years now

Nihon, what are you smoking? Is the NFL falling apart because they can't keep a team in the 2nd largest TV market in the US? Is the NHL falling apart (well maybe it is :wink: ) because teams in the southern US lose money, left, right and centre? Is baseball falling apart because Montreal couldn't sustain itself? etc. If it's falling apart, then why is Montreal expanding their stadium and there are possibly new stadiums and other refurbishements on the way in other cities? Look, pro football in the US was way behind baseball for years and years, it wasn't well organized compared with baseball but the growth potential was there in a country of some 300 mill, that the CFL and NFL were paying salaries at one time almost on par doesn't mean that now the CFL is falling apart, that logic doesn't work. In fact, I would say the opposite, in spite of the NFL getting huge in the US and able to pay almost what baseball does with only 16 games, and the NFL dominating our airwaves here, I would have thought by now that maybe the CFL wouldn't have lasted at all. But not happening.

I think the CFL is striking a good balance between Canadians and non-Canadians myself, once they let Americans start playing way back when, at one time they couldn't, then you can't really go back now as generations of fans have grown up with the American player, it's part of what the CFL is nowadays.

I did like that banker comment I don't know if I trust them with anything

The CFL cant afford these Americans anyway! As a business, since every professional sports leauge is, the CFL does not have enough money to pay all these import players, especially the QB's as the leauge is practically broke. Dont you all understand that? How can the Ti Cats afford to spend 500,000 dollars on QB's when the owner takes a 2 million dollar loss on the team? Cant Bob Young understand that, and for what? What does he get for his loss on investment, while the team is bleeding red ink, the only one who gains for this insanity is a Porter the banker. Can you justify spending money the team doesnt have on talent that doesnt produce?

This leauge has no heart no mind and no soul, im sorry to say it but the CFL is pointless. There is a reason nobody respects this leauge even though the Canadian game is amazing.

And everyone breathlessly waits for the banker to start paying dividends, please, all youll get are junk bonds!

So you think the CFL should have canadian players only and they should be paid less ? What that would do is just bring the quality of the product down to amateur level. Let's face it, the CFL will never be a big league with 20+ teams competing with the NFL but that does not mean the league is falling apart. In fact, the quality of the product is pretty darn good for what the owners pay (yes the owners...) compare the average wage to any other pro league, that speaks for itself. The title of your posts and your comments show intolerance and are embarrasing for most canadians. :thdn:

This leauge has no heart no mind and no soul, im sorry to say it but the CFL is pointless. There is a reason nobody respects this leauge even though the Canadian game is amazing.

You don't have a clue nihon, to me this league has more mind and soul than any league out there, one reason I love it so much, and respect it so much. We aren't paying some guy millions to float around out there, most here play for the pride of trying to win the national football championship of Canada, the Grey Cup, and play for peanuts compared with the big 4 leagues, and most know they will never be able to play for their dream-money league, the NFL.

The CFL is about pride and pride is much closer to the heart and soul than pure millions will ever be. I grant you it can be debated what the import ratio should or shouldn't be, that's fair enough and can be a good debate as what happens here from time to time. But apart from that, I'm not sure what planet you're on.

Would you actually give the guy your money?
Id be scared he start running around in circles with it and either throw it into the middle of no where or just drop it…

If you don't want to watch The Americans you can always go and watch the Hamilton Hurricanes or the Mac Marauders.
Because without the Americans that's about the calibre of Ball you'll get.

You have just won i don't no a fUKIN thing about Canadian Footabll Award ......

lmao :lol:

Well said Earl .......

What? The CFL is not going bankrupt, Bob Young could care less if he loses a $, besides its a great tax right off. The only point of interest in this conversation is Porter, the ball dropper. He needs to packup and start his banking career, cause he sure is a poor excuse for a quarterback.
I know, the ti-cats are looking for another mascot. We can put Quinton on the side lines in a clown suit wearing #12.
Don't remember the last time I saw a quarter-back wear that number, what does it mean? Hummm.
He thinks he is #1 but in fact he is #2.
Add them together and we have 3. The position he should be holding among the quarter-backs on the team.


Great Thread :thup: There are more than 50- prospects graduating from CIS and Junior teams each year, As much as i supported Porter , From waching his play IMHO a CIS QB would bring better exp at the Canadian game and would be much further ahead in progress than QP!

I definitely tend to agree Mass, definitely.

Yes totally ridiculous post - no Americans? who would watch the CFL with just Canadians.
There are too many Canadians in the CFL now, we need to reduce the Canadian content and increase the talent level.

It's Americans that made out league, do you guys ever think before you post????

  • remember the Ron Lancasters, Angelo Mosca, Garney Henleys, Flutie brothers, Danny Mac etc
    But there again I'm not a racist and I don't judge people on where they come from!!!! unlike some others on this site.

If there were no Americans in the CFL I would stop watching it. Why pay to watch a bunch of Canadian hacks? There are some great Canadians... but some are only on rosters because of the content rule. Imagine a full team of those guys... it would be UGLY.