Get ready to feel the magic of Mark's Labour Day Weekend

I’m ashamed to say this as a passionate CFL lifer, but I’ve never really understood the Mark’s Labour Day Weekend lore.

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I would like to see Dominique Davis under center for the Ottawa Redblacks hosting the Als in Week 5. He has all the necessary skills to be a productive starter, his only serious problem is reading the Defense which should improve with more starts ! :thinking: :heart_eyes:

Just think, if the Maritimes do get a team they will have to play the Lions every Labour Day. A coast to coast rivalry.


Yes, I agree it's time for him to step in.
I would also like to see the Als/Redblacks as a permanent Labour Day weekend game.

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A lot of people want to see Davis after Nichol's anemic performance (myself included), but confidence from the RB staff seems to be an issue. Can Davis be any worse?

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Does the author know that a TD in last years Western Final wouldn't have even tied the game never mind won the game for the Riders? Very odd to keep seeing that in the media, riders were not 6 points away from winning. They were 8 points away from winning.

That's a looooong trip. The whole league would have to chip in to pay for their airline tickets. To make it more CFL budget friendly maybe just load the entire team on a couple of buses and have them gut it out for 4 or 5 days on the road. Then make a reality TV series out of the journey and see how many Newfies get voted off the bus before it arrives in BC. I'd watch! :smiley: :+1:

Likely referring to a two point conversion. At any rate this will be the game of the week. Maybe of the year. The best QB facing Willie Jefferson.. arguably the best player in the CFL. It is to close to call. If Fajardo can put points up on the board against a stingy defence it will be interesting to see if Collaros can match. So far Zach has just needed to play a style of offence where he does not turn over the ball. With Harris healthy that may be good enough. The game may hing on a field goal and who gets the ball last.