Get ready for the biggest game of the year for the Tigercats

Thanks for the bombers beating the argos tonight, if the tiger-cats beat Montreal tomorrow night, the whole eastern conference will be tied 1-1 at .500%. If they ever had a reason to show up this is it Tiger-cats!Eat Them Raw!!!!!!Make Hamilton proud!

Well, tomorrow’s game is the biggest of the year for the Ticats, so far. Wins do not come easily against any team in the CFL, as the blue team found out in Winnipeg tonight. And if the Ticats are serious about succeeding this year, as Greg Marshall has said, then they will need to defeat some good teams. And so it is very important for the Ticats to win, and hopefully get that first win. Because you know how it gets around here when the team has to wait at least a few weeks for that first win.

As our caretaker has said at least a few times when discussing this team, “failure is not an option.”

This game means hardly anything, it's a long season, folks around here need to relax and not take games in June so seriously. Just like last week, some folks around here were going crazy, acting similarly to those in the thirties when the market crashed.

Well, this game might not be as important as games later in the season are. But every game counts from here and we certainly do not want to see the Ticats fall behind in the standings. While some might overreact at losses at this stage, this game certainly does matter.

That's what we said last year, Drexl.

Yes this game is crucial for the team to win, not only for them but the coaches and the fans . The longer they go without a win the more people will talk about last season . The more down on the team the Spec will get and that will create fan apathy .

Its been a while since we beat Montreal , tonight is as good a time as any to DO IT !!!! i think we`ll need pleny of offence to win tonight , so the ball is in your hands Jason , show em what you can do !!!!

Agree with the going crazy sentiment. There is no need to blow a gasket about the entire season (though there can be plenty about the game itself).

But they all mean something. I've always found it quite funny how people forget that 2 points early in the season for teams scratching at the playoff door means as much as 2 points in the final game (though the scenario gives analysts and announcers much more drama to play with).

There are no easy wins this year.

Its been a while since we beat Montreal , /quote]

Didnt we win the last game of the season against them last year?

Well i guess what I mean is a game that actually MEANS something . I`ll bet they didnt use alot of thier regulars in that game .

Yes. We beat Ted White…

Oski Wee Wee,

All regular season games are crucial.. . .Two points for a win and nothing for losses.
The time to win is always NOW !