Get ready for a HOT THF opener

Wow - just checked the weather forecast for Monday and depending on what source you look at the forecast high is between 26C-29C and humid so feeling more like the mid 30's. That's HOT!

So be prepared for the heat fans - especially those who like me are going to be on the sunny east side. Hats, sunglasses, suntan lotion and hydrate!


More beer. (repeat as necessary).


Beer, Beer and Go Cats Go, Lets Roll Out the Argo's!!

I haven't had a beer in 30+ years (since I was a teen) and I know I am odd but I don't understand why everyone loves it soooooooo much. Oh well, I learned long ago that when EVERYONE disagrees with me, chance are, I am wrong so... :slight_smile:

Truthfully I am not a huge beer drinker. I do like a cold one (and occasionally imbibe), but, due to being pre-diabetic, I have to watch my alcohol intake. I get high on life instead. Try it - it’s the natural high with no nasty hangover to boot!

(Now there’s an unintentional football reference that I didn’t even notice until I had typed it). :wink: