Get ready Calgary fans...

I'm coming to Cow-town!!

I'll be there Sunday and will be going to the big game on Monday to watch the Esks CRUSH the Stamps!

What the Eskies are going to the post office on sunday! :lol:

What do you think the score will be?

Eskies 27 Stamps 24

You never know with these two teams. I do know the Stamps are not going in over confident. The thing here is which Eskimo team is coming here and what way will the coaches screw it up for them. There is lots of pressure for the Eskies to get out of this next game with a win.

The esks really surprised me the other day only losing 30-28 against bc (who they should have won but a bad snap on a field goal or somethign i cant' remember) so i dont' know what to expect from them! I think they are a better team than their record shows sooo yea. I'm thinking these two games will be split, with a win for each team!

The only thing going to be crushed on Monday is playoff hopes for the eskimos.

Ouch! Well, even if the Esks loose they can be saved by a Rider loss.

Even though Calgary IMO is the top team in the league right now, I wouldn't be surprised if the Esks win this one.

now, doesn't that make a (edit) more sense then what this guy actually posted?! 8)

I do not know about weird one but the Esks are primed for finally missing the play offs. They need at least a split on these two games and even with a split it is a rough road a head for them. :lol:


it is written in stone

care to wager some money on that one with me Weirdo87? :cowboy:

Please Calgary, kick the crap out of Edmonton the next 2 weeks and put them out of their misery. I'd be forever indented

by indented i mean indebted yeeeeesh

The coffin is closed we just need to nail it shut! :lol:

it was a beatdown thru and thru... congrats.

Better luck next week! The Stamps are playing very well. But so are the Eskimos again mistakes and that weak offensive line is killing your squad.

what was that written in stone again? that eroded quickly!

Where oh where is weirdo? Thats see! On a greyhound bus passed out? or Sleeping under the Calgary Tower! Or just maybe wondering around Jasper Avenue mumbling to himself! :lol:

Funny R&W2005, the talks trash talk, but when it comes time to eat his words, nowhere is he to be found. He did the same thing in the Lions forum.