You can get ORANGE shirts, flags, whatever at Bay Sports Collectibles, inside the Granville SkyTrain Station, Granville Street entrance, down stairs and make sharp right around corner:


Or another suggestion like what I did last year and during regular season, for around 20 bucks:

Get orange and/or black: bandannas, fake hair extensions, sheets of card to make signs and roll in to megaphones, paint at Dollar Giant on Fraser and 49th and also at Knight and Kingsway.

Also for the kids I got orange pompoms and these little rubber orange spikey gloves.

For a little more we also went to Value Village and got cheap coveralls/ shirts and shoes. The shoes we sprtay painted one flourescent orange and the other black.

One guy last year had a cabbage patch doll or something like it and dressed it up in green clothes and painted the Sask. logo on it and held it up by a rope around its neck and waved it around by a stick. Okay, that’s alittle over the top, but it was very creative.

Long Live the Canned Noise!!!

Or you could do what I always do for Rider games. . . GO TO THE GAME DRESSED IN GREEN GREEN GREEN.

well, you could...

...but that would be like admitting defeat!!!!:twisted:

Long Live the Canned Noise!!!