Get Off Maas Back

Some fans you are. Anytime anything happens Maas takes so much heat. Do you think Williams or Eakins would have done any better? Do you think he is trying to play poorly? Give the guy a break. From what I have seen he wants to win more than anyone else on that team. I can't stand watching this team lose but they are not trying to lose...remember that.

Maas 's poor play is WHY he gets so much heat,if he makes a the pass to DJ we win!So stop defending him thats why we are 2 and 11 .

Like I said he must be trying to lose the games (sarcasm). I am sure that is why he moved out here to play poorly. I am not disagreeing with you that he is not playing well.

its not about his attitude or character. Its about his play. I dont see anyone saying that maas is lowlife or other such insults, and if they are, they have no business doing so. We are simply saying that right now, he s.u.c.k.s at his job. Fan and Media criticism goes with the job. He knows that, even if he doesnt agree with the results. So NO, we will NOT get off his back until he starts doing his job right.

Blame management or coaches. You want Maas to bench himself for guys who get no reps?

no, just want him to do a better job on long passes and to have some sense of when he is about to be sacked from behind. To make better decision, and to fix his long pass problem or retire. Right now, he is a lame duck QB who is only hurting the cats, losing fans, and costing coaches jobs.

Sit back and read what you typed there!!!!

In order for guys with no reps to get reps, "they must get reps"...Understand?

Lancaster is just going through the motions and is hoping beyond hope that Jason Maas can redeem himself! Forget it! He has no future here in Hamilton. He is not the leader or starter that people claim he is...the only thing he has done, and that was last year, is come in off the bench! Oh other thing he does well is "blame himself"! And apologise!

Play Eakin and Williams. The season is done and NO you are not going to get your money back for Maas or be able to trade him for much, because his numbers get worse every game! His average and his stock is falling and just about hit the bottom!

"The Maas Mistake" as it should be remembered will only go away when somebody else starts. Our season is a wash and we need to play Eakin and Williams. Give them half the time that we have wasted on Maas. At least we will then know what we have! Maas should have been sat out to recover from whatever it is he is suffering from. I'm tired of this "Maas Hysteria"!

The 2007 preseason starts NOW!

maas,s mechanics are messed up, he isnt throwing tight spirals, is he still having trouble with the new stitching on the ball ?? other than that how can you blame him when there is clear pass int on his primary recievers on critical td pass attempts ?? one on labour day and again in remach- Darren Flutie commented on both, - this team can compete but they cant when the other teams get away with pass int in critical situations, also maas has been left unprotected by the refs , hits to the head uncalled , late hits, etc

I’ve never seen a team in any sport hang with an athlete for this long who has played this poorly.

His body might not be right, but his head ain’t right either. Sit him, he needs to rest his body and his brain.

There is nothing wrong withthe Hamilton Tigercats that a Quarterback couldn't fix. We are essentially playing without a Quarterback and have been all season. Jason Maas causes more harm to this team than good.

hey guys since when does the qb catch the ball? I seen alote of dropped passes some where perfect throws and not caught so is that his fault? Give the guy a break what was the record last year and whoes fault was that? You called for head coach to get the axe he did now the qb who next the parking attendant? Rome wasn't built in a day no one wanted allen after the season with ottowa but he's pretty good isn't he?

he's pretty good isn't he?
not that good, but better than Maas :P

good enough to have some of the best players in nfl history come to Canada to pay tribute to him. Not that good hey but he is the greatest passer of all time.

The Cats offence is a joke and always has been. For some reason, it doesn't matter who we bring in as Quarterback, they always struggle in Hamilton. I suspect the reason is the lack of a good offensive coordinator. We don't even have one now, and haven't had a successful one in years. Hamilton usually has a strong defense and this year is no different. The Offense this year is just worse than most years

Hey I feel for Maas. He's certainly a competitor trying his best. That said, he's just not getting the job done...that's the bottom line. He can't get the ball down field, many of his shorter passes are either off the mark or too high, he holds the ball too long usually looking right at his primary target...thus telegraphing his passes. He is not playing with any confidence. The whole team is suffering when there isn't any effective play coming out of the QB position. Everyone is waiting for Maas to lead this team to the promised land....but it ain't happening!

woody said

Lancaster is just going through the motions and is hoping beyond hope that Jason Maas can redeem himself! Forget it! He has no future here in Hamilton. He is not the leader or starter that people claim he is...the only thing he has done, and that was last year, is come in off the bench! Oh other thing he does well is "blame himself"! And apologise!

So you really see Ron Lancaster as a man who is so lacking in integrity
that he would go through the motions as Interim Head Coach do you woody?

Pretty sad.

Is that because Ron is a lame duck now who has to answer to
The New Boss In Town our General Manager, Marcel Desjardin?

woody, when you see a duck swimming along all calm and serene.

What you don't see is that under the surface,
the duck's feet are paddling like mad.

You just see the duck, gliding along.

By the way, our new GM made the decision that Jason is the starting QB
for the rest of the year to help him get his game back or redeem himself.

Not Eakin..Not Williams...but Mr. Maas.

[Maas Will Keep His Job]

We all will have to live with it!

The Cats paid big money to get an accomplished veteran QB
and I will tell you one thing...HE AIN"T SITTING DOWN!!

By the way woody, one other thing Jason Maas has done is get nominated
by Edmonton for the CFL's Most Outstanding Player award 2004.

I've lived and died with the 'Cats since 1960,but I've never seen such pathetic QBing as this year.Some of the passes today were just unbelievable. I don't know if it was bad routes by the rec. or poor throws,but man,this is gettin harder and harder to take every game.Like Woody said,the 2007 preseason is now. Give somebody,ANYBODY a shot at the job,but for cryin outside,we can't keep on goin like THIS! Our team has become a d*mn JOKE!!! It's bad enuff losing,but the WAY we're losing......ah,the hell with it!

Don't any of you guys remember what happened when Eakin started this year vs Wpg??? Doesn't everyone know that if you bench a qb and put in all other options and you have the same outcome then it is likely a scheme problem? Do you all forget that you replaced your head coach with one that lead you to a 1-17 record? The fact it, Maas is the what you've got at qb, with a lame duck coach and no focused offensive coordination. Might as well get behind him.

It was worth repeating.

What bothered me before this game and before the second half of the Labour Day game, the Little General said we are not changing much. That in it self says it’s a coaching problem.

He also said that after the first time Sask trampled y'all. Do you think maybe since he knows he's only an INTERIM coach, he doesn't really care? Or maybe he's as good as his 1-17 record from 2003 displays??? I'd suggest for 2007, keep Maas, he DOES have the drive and the ability, keep Holmes, get a decent head coach, a GOOD off. coord., and a version of Terry Vaughn from a few years ago. You've got good speed at wide out, but nobody playing the chessmatch with the opponent's coaches minds.