get more Fargodomes in Canada

Rather than investing in a 10th team (Atlantic Schooners), the league should dome their remaining stadiums cheaply like the puffy Fargodome in North Dakota.

The league could get better ratings when everyone in Canada has moved indoors during the prime time season to watch TV.


Im not against it but isnt this just building a bunch of indoor stadia?

Take it from me. Domes are fine in inclement weather, but when it’s nice outside (probably 80 % of CFL games), few will want to go indoors to watch a football game.

The original post was intended to start the season in September and play thru December, etc.

No indeed. Playoff football should be played in frigid weather.

Why would taking games out of the summer and fall produce better ratings?

It just does. Taking games out of the summer into the winter produces better ratings.

Great and nicely planned. Schooners could play all their home games and not build a 16 million dollar stadium. Moncton fans could watch on TV. Just like being their.

If expansion happens the Schooners group would be paying the league to join. SSE would be investing in the league not the other way around. No need to have an either/or discussion.

Also, since the league nor any of the teams actually own the stadiums they play in, it’s not theirs to put a dome on.

Fargodome cost about 50 million USD to build/90 million USD in today’s dollars. About 120 million CAD. To build 8 of them (BC being already in a dome) or 9 if you include Atlantic is over a billion dollar ‘investment’. Half of the season is in the fall anyways unless there is a breakdown of ratings in the regular season that suggest there is a significant difference in ratings to maybe justify and an increase that will cover that expenditure, seems like a bad investment to me.

Much like drugs, “just say no?

Compelling argument, Sold me on the idea.

Definitely no. Hell, roofs over the seats on open stadiums are take it or leave it with me. Nothing beats sitting in the sunshine with a cold beer watching some football.

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Winter is hockey season, I’m not thinking about football when there are huge snowbanks in my front yard.

Also, any viewing numbers for late in the year Canadian football would be skewed because all of the November games are playoffs

Domes are fine if your in areas of the far north or frequent inclement weather, as for moving the season to the fall? No, thats what happened to the USFL and lost to the NFL. Keep the CFL season as it is.

Every team in the CFL should have a covered/domed stadium, we have become fair weather fans and soft not like the old days…look at calgary last weekend bad weather and 1/2 full stadium are bad optics

and everyseat should have a flipdown laptop with earplugs in case the millennials don’t want to be interrupted by the game.

not every stadium can do this. But those that can should make that effort.
No one wants to frreze there buts off. Especially in the GC.
Right now only Vancouver, Toronto and soon to be the Big O in montreal will have the first rate retractable roof.
Its a no brainer if teams can make this possible.
Calgary this pastvweekend has proven that.

Fact checker: The USFL won their lawsuit. The NFL lost. The jury screwed up on the award on thinking the judge would set the money amount.

The big money is in the late fall/winter time slot. Everyone moves indoors and craves TV watching.

If all 9 teams can get a dome/retractable roof, it’s over for summer football…as it should be. The season starts in June out of necessity and not by choice.

You do know that the CFL gets most of its money from gate receipts? People moving indoors would be bad for the gate attendance, and would thus be bad for the league.

Football starts in June because football is a fall sport, and the CFL wants their most important games in the fall…

I think you just want winter football because the NFL does it. This is a different country, that works differently