Get me to Grey Cup

Hey CFL fans,

Im a student in Ottawa and im a HUGE Als fan, so i ask anyone know a cheep way i could get to Grey Cup next weekend!?!?!

Thanks for your help!


I have thought about that, but it would take 3 days, and i cant take that much time off school... i dont think lol

Have you considered making a helium balloon and donning a parachute??

No but that is THE BEST IDEA EVER!

ask harper for a ride in his airplane

Let me know when youre flying over and I'll look for you, pick you up, and give you free booze and a place to stay.

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Its the cowboy way. :rockin:

Try driving to Toronto and fly to Edmonton, then bus down, probably the cheapest fight you'll find. Maybe watch for deals out of Montreal but don't expect to find anything super cheap. You can try aeroplan points if you have them. When I was young, people picked up hitchhikers but I wouldn't advise it today. Then there's the matter of tickets, won't be cheap.

There must be a party happening on campus.

Man i wish, its hard enough to find a CFL fan on campus, but i may look at your idea, sounds promising

With flight your only real option, you could try to do a cheap flight into Great Falls, then drive 5 hours to Calgary. In the end, you will be lucky to go to this game for less than $1400, all bills accounted for (except Buffalo's).

Your best bet may be to climb on a train to Montreal and find a party there. Maybe they will play the game on big screen at the Big Owe or an arena somewhere, check with Montreal media.

A cheap flight to cough Great Falls? Does such a thing even exist?

You could get one to Salt Lake City however, then rent a car and drive up from there. It's about a 14 hour drive. Or, just get a connecting flight to Calgary.

Air miles are your friend.