Get lost Suitor

what a pathetic bloody about biased....he wanted Hamilton to win so bad he went over the line....every call that went for the Bombers he questioned.......what a disgrace...c'mon Suitor i know you don't exactly like the BluenGold....but at least give an unbiased telecast...i call bullshi$...get this comment from Suitor on a hold against wasn't exactly a 'major hold'.....what the hell is that...i don't recall that there was varying degrees of holding in the rule book.....crapo..,. :thdn: :roll:

ya suiter pisses me off and also tsn is doing such a crappy job the cameras are parked on the hamilton bench i never even saw the bombers bench once the whole game.
also all they talk about is zeke moreno and jesse lumsden the whole game.
What a pile of CRAP

Wow. I was thinking the exact same thing. I'm pretty sure those commentators were having an affair on the side with Moreno

...not only that, Suitor brings out the Hamilton Hammer on one of his little spiels.......someone should have reminded him that there was another team on the bloody field....pathetic for an announcer.... :thdn:

ya i think i would have done a better job even though i am almost the most biast person on the planet (besides suiter...)

Chill out people. Were you whining the week previously when the broadcast became The Milt Stegall Show?

hey MadJack are you saying Milt shouldn't have got special recognition...cripes your as bad as Suitor....maybe we shoul'v e called this game the Cats coming out party...or the Lumsden show'...the way it was called ..c'mon... :grtanted it's their first win of the season....and Milt only set a record :lol: :lol:

No kidding. Obviously it is going to be a big deal when someone breaks the most prestigous record in the CFL.

Suitor has always been, I hate the Bombers all the way...he comes by it Honestly...he's Green...

Someone should of reminded Lumsden that there was another team on the field and he might of held up. lol. Wow I love this baby!!!

well let’s see

Moreno 12 tackles…
Lumsden 211 yards on TWELVE carries… yea… why WOULD Suitor be talking about those bums…

...gentlemen, gentlemen, please...while the posts in this thread may reek of whine to those not of the blue and gold faith may I remind you this is a safe zone for the BB fans...outside of this forum you may rip to shreds at will, but allow the BB fans to have this time and place unto themselves....

Sounds like Bomber fans to me, always whining when their team loses.

Luckily we have to whine a hell of a lot less than those pathetic Ti-Cat fans.

No of course I'm not saying Milt shouldn't have got special recognition. He deserved it!! What I was saying is that when someone else deserves recognition (as in, rushing for 211 yards on his birthday and scoring two long TD runs), you can expect it to happen regardless of what colour uniform he's wearing.

And I don't think the "cripes your [sic] as bad as Suitor" shot was warranted.

And, on sober second thought....

RedandWhite is correct, so I shall humbly apologize to all Bomber fans for my posts here.

What a bunch of moaners. I love it. Oskee Wee Wee

Add Rod Black and Don Wittman against Saskatchewan, and you have the EXACT same bias!

Add Rod Black and Don Wittman against Saskatchewan, and you have the EXACT same bias!

I have to agree that TSN is there for the East. Always been that way and I am sure they just could not care less what we think. So... enjoy the video and keep the sound low. And frankly, there was not much they could have said about our team last night not that they would have tried. I still enjoy it when we beat one of their daddys.