Get Lost Lief Petersen

This guy is one of the WORST colour guys in football...He must have had a bad run in with the Bombers at one time...cuz i tell ya....he just does not like our team...What a slanted ...cock-eyed look at the BigBlue...I mentioned this earlier in the year when he did a T.O. /Wpg. game...Every play that was successful for the Bombers he had to run down..I don't care if you dislike the Bombers, least call the game in an unbiased fashion...There was no pass interference call on he says there sould have been...there was no pick-call on the Armstrong touchdown...but he says there should have been...Lief ..TAKE A much as you dislike the Winnipeg Blue Bombers ...i DISLIKE you AND YOUR BIASED LOUSY COMMENTARY...and i hope that TSN cans your a$$... :thdn:

well said. He was talking trash about the blue and gold all game. the armstrong td to start the game was textbook work by him and cavil. and marlbrough was all over ralph. I was ready to mute the television and turn the radio onto CJOB 68 just so I could here some good winnipeg blue bomber commentary.

I agree. How could Malbrough have been called for interference when he looked back for the ball and simply raised his hand? Last time I checked the defender has an equal right to the ball.

i just hate that guy so much he's so annoying him and walby the 2 worst announcers ever like they say the stupidiest things like they point out the obvious and the go on and on about certain topics to like i hate watching damon allen play when he's announcing damon he's a god damon is so great damon that damon this like shut the (edit language)

wasn't he saying we were pretty much a power house when healthy? or was that black?

what i really didnt like was when he said the cavil TD was intended for brazzell. after that, i watched that play, almost 10 times, the ball did not sale, it was high for brazzell because cavil was farther down field. it wasnt even in line for brazzell, it was off to the right, towards cavil. cavil was open, brazzell was well coverd, the ball went to cavil. i have no idea how he got that impresion, i found that very very silly.

As much as I dislike Peterson as well.
I believe he was right on the pick and interference calls.

Malbrough put his hands long before he looked back for the ball!

...baloney....if that was interference call ...then the refs.missed half of those calls all year...and are you trying to tell me ro1313...that the refs missed that call..... :roll: :lol: :lol: Peterson is a shill for all of the eastern clubs....whenever a western team plays the east ....listen real close...and oh yeah....he never considers the Bombers as an eastern team....maybe he hasn't figured it out for 06.... :lol: :lol:

It was beyond silly, it made it quite obvious that Peterson doesn't have a freaking clue what's going on down on the field.

...and obvious ...that no matter what the Bombers had to be down-graded in his lousy i said ...Get Lost Peterson... :thdn: :thdn: :lol:

As a matter of fact I am telling you the refs missed that call!!!!!!!!!!

He's been doing telecasts for years. Time to put this old dinosaur out to pasture. I hate how he constantly puts down the league and the players by mentioning their NFL tryouts. Just once I'd like to see him go a whole telecast without mentioning the NFL in one way or another.

...and i.m telling you it was NOT an interference call....and one of the few times the refs. got it right... :lol: