Get karikari out of there!

I'm just not a fan of this guy, he can't cover and doesn't seem like he's that great of a safety, now with Bouman starting he should be moved to the bench and we should put Cody at safety. With Cody at safety no receiver in this league would want to run a post route or go over the middle.

I think a lot of what our safety does (or doesn't do) is scheme related. If you have to play the deep middle every play, who are you really going to crush? The QBs in this league aren't going to throw it into coverage on purpose so their receiver gets killed.

Cody is a star at HB; arguably the best in the league…don’t move him. I don’t believe in putting square pegs into round holes.

I really like Cody, but i think he is overrated as far as his ability to cover elite receivers. He's a hitter not great in man to man coverage. And I'm not a big fan of hiding useless Canadian players at safety.

I don't think that Karikari is living up to his billing as a allstar safety. With Sandy Beveridge and Nick Kordic waiting in the wings, we can't do any worse. With all the good Canadian talent starting, maybe we should look at a import at safety.

Yikes, you guys want to give Karikari the yank pretty quickly!

Quick who has Wayne Shaw's phone number?

Or wait, how about Scott Flagell? No, no, wait, Todd Wiseman!

Let the poor fellow and his teammates in the defensive secondary have some time to acquire some continuity before rearranging everything back there!

God I hope no member of the coaching staff has a computer and dares log on to this forum!

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Is this thread a joke? LOL

The two games he's been in at safety, he hasn't played like a player who's allstar caliber. He seems to be struggling on deep coverages.
Hey, hopefully he just needs some time to adapt back to the safety spot. We need him back there, playing the way he was in his hey-day.

Karikari is a very good safety. He played very well last night.

He’s a huge improvement.

We have a great defensive backfield AS IS. To tamper with it would be idiotic.

Against Winnipeg, Gordon only got beat by Armstrong for a TD because Armstrong clearly pushed off, and Stegall's second TD happened because he beat Delgardo, who will learn from his mistakes. Glasper, who was victimized early in the game on a long bomb, will also grow as a player.

I can't remember Winnipeg EVER throwing to Anderson's side of the field (which indicates blanket coverage), and Karikari, Gordon and Cody all played great.

yeah karikari screwed up on a couple of coverages that i saw.
but i wouldn't say cut him.
besides, i thought you get two games to screw up before this forum CUTS you.

Sure, that’s what you say now. But have you ever seen Beveridge start back there? His first few games he was playing 30+ yards off the ball every play. He was no where to be found on any play. He got one start this year and was promptly replaced by Karikari the next.

note: Karikari was scheduled to make the start at safety that game, but because of the whole Sam Young non-sense, Karikari went back to the half back spot, meaning that Beveridge wasn’t supposed to start that game.

I'm not saying cut him, but he is not a starting calibre safety and as a half back he was having a hard time even covering his own shadow. And he's not no former allstar like some claim, he was cut by his last 2 teams.

No he wasn't.

Montreal did not cut him, they traded him to Toronto for Keith Stokes. Toronto released him because he wouldn't take the pay cut they wanted.

dont cut karikari