Get Joe on the Phone

Maybe (since there is no salary cap this year) we should be looking at getting MR MAYHEM himself back in the Black and Gold.

He's washed up!!

Loved him but he's only worth the minimum now.

He was last year's Grey Cup Champion's nominee for most outstanding defensive player and he's washed up now? Did something happen to him in the off season that hasn't been reported?

I think that the 2 DE's we have are actually very good and we don't need Joe's services, but to say he's washed up is so untrue.

love of the game and lack of offers may make him accept minimum

He hasn't had any training camp, not sure he's even working out and he'll be 36 July 30th. Lot's of punishment on that body over the years makes me think he's done Mike.

We dont need any more off-side penalties.

Maybe so. But without seeing him in game action, nobody knows for sure. The reason he was cut by Edmonton was strictly a salary dump, not because he was washed up. I hope he does get another chance somewhere else this year. I think he will be a lot more successful than Khari Jones was last year as a fill in.

No way to win this argument without seeing Joe play somewhere.

Joe won't be seen back in Hammer. Look at Damon wasn't an overly huge hit but yet he is out for 4-6 weeks with a broken finger on the throwing hand.

Agreed Mike.

If he has anything left I'd love to see him back in the league.

Eric Till Said That Joe is done..
That Saskatchewan Was Willing to Offer him a Spot but Talks Broke Down..

He Said there no Team want to take Joe on .
He said By the looks of it he Day in CFL Are done..

Can he play cornerback??? :wink:

As long as CB's were brought up...

Why is it that ours always seem to be 5 yards off the receiver? If you are playing man to man be on your man. If you are plying zone, when someone enters your zone get on him. IT'S SIMPLE!!!

Do you even know what he does in the off season???? He's a personal trainer! I have never seen him "out of shape". There is one guy who's body is truly a temple.

He would be a welcome addition to any team despite his age. He loves the game and would play well no matter where he ends up.