Get it Straight

"The Riders got the ref's in their pockets"
"They're paying off the refs"
"The refs purposley closed their eyes"

What is this stuff about? I challenge everyone to give me one solid time the ref's made a wrong call for the Riders, let alone enough that "we have them in our pockets".

Please don't...I see another 10 page thread brewing...and honestly who cares, a win is a win I couldn't care less about what the opposing fans think. We're undefeated going into Week 6. I'm happy.

It's a good question. Objectively speaking, why would refs side for sask? You'd think the league would want parity so would subconsciously lean against the riders, being ahead in the standings. And/or the league would want not-so-healthy (Hamilton) or perceived-to-be-financially-important (Argos) to win.

It just makes no sense looking at it objectively.

Thats a challenge I have thought Ive seen a few "Rider bounces" but you know what im not a ref. Maybe it seems that we get "lucky" alot

And since WHEN on God's green earth have most fans of any team looked at issues objectively???? :slight_smile:


...proof that God is a Riders fan... :slight_smile:

Up until last week with the Cates fumble and the Ref'ing today I would say it was pretty good and all the close calls were called the right way. I think the Cates fumble was probably a fumble and was a miss call by the refs as I didn't think there was sufficient evidence to turn that over.

Today the ref's were brutal. Holding calls missed on some bad occasions, the chop block called on Geno was BS. Belli should have been kicked out of the game a couple times. Cates and Jyles had touchdowns before the refs made a bad call and didn't have a good veiw on the play where they ruled Cates over (I think he was over but it was darn close and saying there wasn't enough evidence to overturn the play was the correct call). Lets see what else was there, probably should have been a pass interference call on Lucas and the KJ fumble. Riders still won and deserved to win, payed a big big tab to win but won none the less.

Refs did not deliberately favor the riders, anyone who says that is a blooming idiot.

However, on the TD, they called everything right, except for overturning the last one. The ball was not advanced far enought to qualify to TD, but so what. Riders would have probably won anyhow.

The Fumble could have went either way. I say it was a fumble, but so what, toronto probably would have not scored again anyhow.

end result, good game, called by good but fallable refs doing the best they could, and thank god for them

All the questionable calls were tough ones to make on the spot.

Jyles may have been over, and probably was, but the ruling on the field was that he wasn’t, and they were correct in saying that there was not enough evidence to overturn it.

Cates may not have been over, but the ruling on the field was that he was, and they were correct in saying that there was not enough evidence to overturn it.

The fumble was a tough one, but something the ref saw must have led him to believe that there was contact while the player was on the ground and before the ball came out. The knee that kicked the ball out may have made contact with the arm. I’m surprised they overturned it, but glad they did (as a Ticat fan), and I don’t question the integrity of the officials on any of those plays.

I was a ref in soccer. Just like football, the game is fast. You have to make on the spot quick decisions on how you interpret what you saw, and be willing to defend that decision. Refs are human and try their best. It is easy for all of us sitting on our A**es, drinking beer, watching slow motion replays and think we know everything.

I would like to thank congratulate the refs for trying to do their best.

Kudos to the refs.