Get It Done Boys!

Enuf talking now time to strap on the helmets tight. OLINE to step up their game and become a total unit and help Jesse/Chang have a solid game.
DLINE to keep rushing snd pounding until they get their 5th sack of the game.
RECEIVERS catch with your hands and explode for extra yards. NO GOING OUT OF BOUNDS! (unless the coach tells you to)
DB'S shadow the double blue and outjump for the ball
LB'S Zeke and destroy their will to live
RB'S run, run, and then run some more
Q.B. your the man control the game and see a W beside your name.
Team game TEAM WIN!


Nice Post CFLIFER...

At the risk of being mocked by some and made fun of for getting out the "PomPoms" I have to say's a new day and "Yesterday is History".

I'm looking forward to a new "ATTITUDE" and the team playing together to get that much needed win on Monday!

Anything can happen after that gets contagious and we might be able to pull off post season play!

It should be a good game and the stage is set for some real "EXCITEMENT"!

Woody I rather cheer the team then jeer them. NOTHING gained by doing that.

Lets get it done!