get in to halifax

we've got to get in to halifax, what a great market
there's enough money and interest out there to make an honest go of it. there are enough smart,young football people that could take this project on and them the halifax portsmen,i'd just be worried that there is not enough canadian talent to stock this team.they would also need to build a covered practice facility for the team cause practicing outside from mid sept til the end of november would be a tad bit frigid.

      city legend

No we do not need Halifax, they do not want us and they have way too many tree huggers who do not like any sport nor do they want to invest into same and especially a stadium for the CFL.
It is time to move on to QC.

haha, more expansion threads.

Halifax FANS want the CFL the city of Halifax seems to not care. QBC is the only non-CFL city doing anything to get a CFL stadium showing they NEED to be part of the CFL before(or for) the 2010 Season.

I was paying attention to a youth group that had the goal of getting a stadium built, but there was no leadership and the "leader" was more interested in getting the facebook group bigger instead of really getting out in the community and getting people talking.

Here's some links for anyone who's interested. If you decide to get involved, PLEASE be more active than the leaders that are currently in there.

Facebook Group:

Online Petition:

Web page:

I think Nick DeAdder (Petition signer #100) said it best:


That right there sums up the need for a CFL-sized stadium in Halifax. :lol:

I have to say it i agree Halifax is a Left wing City that does not do squat.

A Development:

Some prime city real estate is soon to become available in downtown halifax, and decision-makers are wondering what to do with the land.

The newspaper is taking suggestions:

"There are 6.5 hectares of potential at the Cogswell Street interchange site when the concrete overpass system eventually comes down.

Some of the suggestions for future development at the location include a Metro Centre II, an arts and culture complex, an aquarium, and a hotel and condo building.

What do you think? What would you do to develop this prime downtown location?

Send your suggestions to: Future Cogswell Site, c/o Newsroom, Box 610, 1650 Argyle St., Halifax, N.S., B3J 2T2, or e-mail them to ."

Make sure to e-mail and say "CFL STADIUM!!!"

...ok citylegend, I voted to the Herald to set aside the land for a get that thing built now y'hear!?....we'll check in with you periodically and see how things are coming along......

Once again the city has proven it's more Hockeytown then Football

And let us know who is going to sign the players pay cheques too!

How about a community owned team for Halifax?

definately gotta get john nova (chisholm) to start up a group with 2 more business partners. that guy is rich as hell (owns nova construction, biggest construction company in eastern canada), and just last year he built a brand new (i dont even know how many million) dollar racecar track in my hometown of antigonish, an 11,000 seater! and this year they're rebuilding it again to accomidate more than 20,000 people.

[url=] ... dway.shtml[/url]

that picture is from last year, they already constructed stands that go all around the south end of the track, and they're going to add on to it again this fall.

so its not like there arent any sports fans, or potential busniess owners, its just the goddamn incompetetant HRM government thats been screwing over althetes, and sports fans for years!

they are such hippocrits, and assholes that run things down there.. last year for the highschool league, my cousin was a linebacker for St. Patrick's high school in downtown halifax, and they couldn't practice for 2 weeks because they shutdown the halifax commons (right beside the school, where they practice, and play their games) because they had a rolling stones concert there in the pouring rain, which ruined the intire park. its the same people that cancel games for the remainder of the season because "the grass might get more damanged" by october.. leaving local schools to travel 20-25km away to play their home games on turf fields elsewhere in the city..

New article:

[i]For those still dreaming of a Halifax team in a Canadian Football League dominated by four rich owners and without an effective salary cap, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats' signing of much-sought-after quarterback Casey Printers should be a rude awakening.

Wealthy owner Bob Young of the dreadful Ti-Cats handed Printers, a Kansas City Chiefs reject, a three-year, $1.6-million contract, further evidence that even strong fan and corporate bases are not enough to keep a CFL franchise afloat without a deep-pocketed owner willing to make up the differences.

Small-market franchises in Winnipeg and Regina routinely sell out, but can't even begin to compete for talents such as Printers.

How long could a Halifax team survive in a league without financial controls? About as long as it takes to declare bankruptcy.

With the so-called Canada-Russia Under-20 Super Series about to reach its merciful conclusion in Vancouver tonight, it's interesting to note that Professor Highcollars of CBC Hockey Night in Canada, Don Cherry, has weighed in with his usual contemptuous dismissal of the Russians as "quitters who are scared to death out there," an observation not necessarily shared by others without a bias against European players.

A more generous assessment is that the Russians are a talented team with awful goaltending and were badly outcoached by a Canadian side perfectly prepared by New Jersey Devils-bound coach Brent Sutter. Consider giving Sutter the Russian team for three months and imagine the difference it might have made in this series.

By signing former Dalhousie Tigers coach Fabian Joseph to a three-year contract as an associate coach to head man Danny Flynn last week, Moncton Wildcats owner Robert Irving served notice that he'll remain in the hockey business long-term.

Putting Flynn and Joseph together is a master stroke, matching friends with similar philosophies, teachers with backgrounds in recruiting at the college levels. It also opened up a well-deserved opportunity for highly-respected Brad Crossley, who replaces Joseph on an interim basis at Dal after a remarkable run developing elite players with great Dartmouth Subway major-midget championship teams.

Now Crossley has a chance to match skills with many formidable university coaches, including Trevor Stienburg at Saint Mary's, Brad Peddle at St. F.X. and Darren Burns at Acadia.

As the Halifax Mooseheads close out their Quebec Major Hockey League pre-season against the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles tonight at 4 p.m. at the Sportsplex, speculation continues about the immediate futures of top draft picks Jakub Voracek of the Mooseheads and James Sheppard of the Eagles at their respective NHL training camps.

The guess here, based on the managerial philosophies of Columbus's Scott Howson and Minnesota's Doug Risebrough, is that Voracek will almost certainly return to Halifax, and barring a Jordan Staal-type training camp, Sheppard may start the season in Cape Breton.

Fredericton's Matt Stairs must be wondering these days what more he can add to his tremendous 2007 season with Toronto Blue Jays to earn another contract for 2008.

As the only Blue Jay to exceed expectations this year, Stairs hit .400 for the month of August and is hitting .311 for the year with 19 home runs and 55 RBI in just 283 at bats.

Says manager John Gibbons, "Truthfully, I don't know where we'd be without him."

Still, no new contract from general manager J.P. Ricciardi, who is coming under increasing criticism from segments of the Toronto media.

The Ottawa Lynx ended a century of triple A baseball in Canada last week when they played their final game as the last team standing in minor-league baseball in this country that once had teams in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Vancouver, as well as lower classification pro teams in every province except Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

The demise is consistent with a steady change in Canadians sports appetites over the last 50 years. The country no longer supports sports at less than the perceived top levels - major league and major junior hockey and major league baseball - while missing out on other great attractions such as college sports that are very often the best bang for their bucks. It's the national sports mindset in 2007 and more's the pity.[/i]

He went off on a couple of hockey and baseball tangents, but the thrust is that a Halifax team couldn't hang tough with the likes of Hamilton?

And what's this "no financial controls" stuff? As far as I know, teams are taking this salary cap seriously. Winnipeg and Sask didn't go after printers because they're happy at the QB position. Hamilton had the most room under the cap, that's why they got him.

No matter how rich your owner is (or isn't) a $4.05M cap is a $4.05M cap. It's meant to level the financial playing field, and from what I've seen so far, it's doing the trick.

ive never understood how 'tree huggers' are to blame for the lack of facilities in halifax?

halifax needs to focus on fixing their gang violence, youth problems, education system, and political issues, before they focus on a cfl stadium and expansion team. Halifax has no business getting into pro sports, its 2007 and if they haven't had a pro team by now, why bother getting one? Also the rest of Canada doesn't care about Halifax getting a team, neither does the CFL, if anybody actually gave a damn about Halifax they would have stuff done by now. Enough of the expansion talk, CFL needs to focus on renovating their current stadiums, drug testing, all-star game, video game, better tv presentation by TSN for 2008, expansion is not needed, plus there isn't alot of talented Canadian players out there to supply expansion teams.

Yes there are many issues, always have and always will be.
At the forefront is or should be growing the game and the sport. And there is no better way then to expand into a city or region which is hungry and wants to be part of the brand, CFL.
Unfortunately the problem as we all know it is lack of political will in the sites which have been identified as “can’t miss” for the purpose of building stadiums. Together with the fact no apparent rich potential owners have surfaced?

It p*sses me off when I hear people say "We have to solve all problems in health care, poverty, crime, and the environment before we waste money on sports"

You think those problems are EVER going to be solved to everybody's satisfaction? You think every city that ever got sports team solved all those problems first?

People that agree with the above quotation are really just trying to force their own agenda by saying everyone elses is unimportant.

Sports, teams, and facilities exist so we don't have to be MISERABLE while we try to solve problems like health care, crime, poverty and the environment. Quit trying to make people feel guilty for getting a little enjoyment out of life.

What business in Nova Scotia can't exist without some kind of government subsidy? What with the Feds stealing all the oil and gas revenues? And for that matter, could the automotive industry in Ontario be competitive without subsidies and tax breaks? Could the areospace industry in Quebec?...and the oil industry in Alberta? Govt help is a standard part of doing business anywhere in this country. The columnist from Halifax should be fired for his ignorance!

Agreed..the Halifax Schooners was an exciting idea in 1983, but come on, if it hasn't happened by now, let it go! Focus on the 8 teams and make the league healthy.

The CFL should expand because if they do, the expansion team won't be that good and the Ticats will have someone to beat from time to time. Those games would be circled on the schedule.