Get Beverage Out!!


Generally he is non existent, he does help the opponents up after he gets beat.

If I had to coach against the Cats I would attack him all game. He can't make the plays that the position requires.

if your dline can get consistent pressure, then you don’t have to worry about your safety position because a route takes too long to develop going deep to the safety.

I didn’t like what I saw of Beveridge tonite.

Beveridge can hit and tackle. The rub is that guys tend to fly past him, so his non-special teams reps are less stellar. He is a good special teams guy, but Dylan Barker should be starting if he can go, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

When they sent Barker in, he looked terrified, like the ol’ deer in the headlights thing. Guess it’s just newbie stress and if you screw up it could very well cost you the game. No pressure :smiley:

All the greats have gone through that. Henley, Bennett, Flagel, Hitch...for Dylan to get good, getting thrown into the fire is part of the deal for a safety. Barker can be a good one, time will tell how good!

Oski Wee Wee,

Beverage was very good against BC!

Sandy - as usual - was god awful. But we won so I don't care for the moment.

Vive les tiger cat!

WOW! Normally I can agree with most of the posts you put up but you are WAY off the mark with this statement. The safety is a key part of both the passing AND running game. They don't only play deep. Safeties are usually key in getting coverage sacks. Plus, the safety should strike fear in the hearts of anyone who goes deep over the middle or deep up the sideline. I didn't see SB do this at all. He is a good backup but that is it.

Got beveridge out...drank beveridge....tasted good...great game!

Even after a win Ticat fans find something to complain about. Pathetic..

8) Exactly !!!! :roll:

I disagree I think Sandy played a fine game. Barker is obviously the guy of the future but we have enough rookies playing right now we don't need to add another quite yet/ I think we will see more of Barker over the coming weeks. In the meantime, Sandy is getting the job done. Relax.

Sometimes it appears that a defensive player
has not made a good play in pass coverage

i.e. When Sandy Beveridge shows up late
to help a team-mate in pass coverage

I don’t assume that that player missed his assignment.

Sometimes the LBs and DBs were in the wrong formation
to cover the play called by the other team’s Offence.

Sometimes assignments are missed by other guys
even though the correct formation was called.

In both cases, the safety’s job is to get
to where the pass is going to help.

Safeties aren’t supposed to be the best
one-on-one pass defender on the team’s.

Before and after the play develops, they are busy
making their ‘reads’ to get in postion to help.

A big part of pass play design is to
misdirect the safety away from the ball.

If the QB has time to go through his ‘reads’
and he picks the right’ receiver to pass to,

the safety won’t be anywhere near the receiver.

The problem Ron is that many really don't understand how the game really works. They just see a couple seemingly bad things that even a child could notice and take it to mean the player had a bad game.

Sad but true..



Now why would you go and post such an accurate and logical thing to ruin a perfectly good complaining thread? We did win after a hard-fought game, but that doesn't stop us from playing coach and thinking we know everything while we sit on our butts and watch on TV. How dare you ruin this for us?? :lol:


Great post! haha

By the way.. I was at the game last night and could see more than people on TV can. Beveridge had a very decent game overall. I would give him a B+ to A- grade. He flows well to the ball when its anywhere in this middle and even does his best to get over and help on the outside.