get Barrin Simpson, use 3-4 defence at times!

hmmm if we took Barrin Simpson before Montreal did, we could do 3-4 defences

Hickman, McIntyre and Adams..even Long make a good 3 man front
with Johnson, Floyd, Simpson and Knowlton as the linebackers to make the 4

hmmm we could mix up the defence...not all the time but it would give us some variety

We don't need him ... We have make sure we don't go over 4.5 Millon dollar Cap.

Who's the nose tackle in that 3-4? it had better be a stud. It's isn't the LBs that drive the 3-4, it's the linemen!

I'm not sold that we have that guy in the fold!

Changing defensive systems in the midst of a playoff run isn't a recipe for success. If it's just to give another look to an otherwise base 4-3, that's a lot of coin just to have another look.

We have arguably the best LB corps in the league right now. That needs to be stated.

Oski Wee Wee,


Get Simpson - Sure

3 - 4 - Absolutely NOT!

I agree with Russ and Tom. Simpson is very talented for sure, but I'm not sure we need him or can afford him.

I definitely would not switch defensive schemes for one player. Without the perfect nose tackle, a 3-4 won't be an improvement over our current defence which is performing well now. If we stick with a 4-3, which of our current LBs are we going to cut to make room for him?

Better is better, as long as it's within the budget.

Simpson did not want to share playing time in bomberland and our LB are having a great season.
why mess-up good chemistry. Our defensive front is one of the best in the league this year. The stat shown during the Calgary game with combined tackles by LB’s proves our LB’s could be top unit in the league. The team might not be up there in sacks but they bring alot of pressure.

Simpson is up there in football years and if Auggie can be healthy for next season our LB’s don’t need improving. Save the cap room for a starting DB or RB(not a fan of Cobb or Keith)

We aren't switching to a 3-4. Once McIntyre and Adams come back, we will have an awesome rotation up from.

We would be bringing him in here to be a back up. He makes too much money to be a back up.

I like the LBs that we have.

Great player, just doesn't fit with us.

No 3-4. not in 2009 anyway. plus, i'm fairly certian our DC is a 4-3 coach.

that being said, Adams could potentially be that stud NT we'd need to use it, but at 282, he might be a little light to plug both A gaps. not as a shot against him, you just need more size to play Nose.

That and our Ends need to play better contain for the 3-4 to work as well.

Our line is good, but not made of 3-4 players, it's made of 4-3 players.

We would be bringing him in here to be a back up. He makes too much money to be a back up.
IF Mr.Simpson were, indeed, to be brought in to Hamilton - it most DEFINITELY would NOT be as a backup.

It, most ASSUREDLY would be to REPLACE Mr.Floyd.

The MORE thought I give to the PROSPECT of adding Barrin Simpson to the fold the more I LIKE it. It has been said that Obie adheres to the adage "BETTER is BETTER". Well, IMHO, Barrin Simpson is BETTER than Otis Floyd.

I think the MAIN CONCERN, from a TEAM standpoint is the EFFECT such a move (Floyd for Simpson) would have on the MORALE, and CHEMISTRY of the team. If it were ANYBODY else I would not even ENTERTAIN the thought, however, by ALL accounts I have ever heard, Barrin Simpson is one of those CHARACTER guys that would fit into ANY locker room.

On top of it ALL ... Barrin has already played in a Greg Marshall coached defense. This fact, almost CATAPULTS this scenario into NO BRAINER territory, on par with the acquisition of AB3.

The ONLY thing which causes PAUSE is Simpson's TURF TOE. If he can't IMMEDIATELY step in for Floyd then I would not make the deal. There is no sense in HANDICAPPING the defense while waiting for him to get healthy.


P.S For purely TRIVIA purposes, if memory serves me correct - I BELIEVE it was Otis Floyd who REPLACED Barrin in BC. I think it was one of "those" Wally Buono DECISIONS. Cue Alanis Morrisette.