Get back to the basic's......

The Cats have a chance to beat a shell-shocked Montreal this week=end.
Let's hope they get back to the basic's of football..and make something happen on both sides of the ball. :thup:

Back to basics??? LMBO

These men are supposed to be pros. They should be coming to camp having already been schooled and with all the tools to perform with authority at their position, at this level. This is not a teaching league!

If they can't perform their duty reasonably each and every play, ship them out.

The coaches need to focus on game plans.

What about just winning!

basics- 3-4 nickel defense
pound the football, run oriented offense, ball control offense, field position baby.

A touchdown would be nice!


??? Whats this… ???touchdown???.. you speak of?

Who needs touchdowns? They should just kick field goals as soon as they get within the 40 yard line. If Chang starts, this shouldn't be a problem--they could easily get 30 points this way. Add in the off TD from special teams or a lucky run or pass, the odd safety or single point. The game should be played to score points, not just TDs.

Get back to basics eh?

Isn't that what Ron said last year when he was the interim coach.

Something about Catz and Jammer, I can't remember exactly.

This kind of things seems to have been going on for quite some time, yet with other teams they seem to be able to throw together a group of new players every year and play decent football. Why not in Hamilton?