Get a new Kicker....

Chances of getting a TD on 3rd down is more likely,
than your kicker` scoring a field goal. :roll:

It has been hard for us this year. Kicking has been a staple for Calgary since the early 90's when we had matino. That was the start of calgary having clutch kickers... thats i mean my opinion, and my memory is a little foggy. buts that seems to be what i recall. Sandro wanted to live closer to home, so he left for hamilton. now he gets to be home whenever he wants. I like Maver... but his distance... i think his longest ever might be 45. thats not enough.

Paredes... I like him when he played his first game. then comming in nailing another 50... i liked it. then he pooped the bed. i dont know what to think. sandro is on the market, but i dont see huff bringing him back. pride.

You really live in hollywood? thats rad.

Question for Canadianhothead; Are the Eskies fortunate to have Duval? I seen alot of kickers in my time with the likes of (toe bangers) Jack Abendschan - Sask., Larry Robinson - Calgary, Dave Cutler - Edmonton, throw in Bill Mitchell too. And the soccer style kickers; Lui Passaglia - Lions....ect. the list goes on. I decided to sneak into the Stamps forum for a change and hide out from Eskie posters. :lol:

IMHO... I like him as a punter. but not as a field goal kicker. thats just me. it seems at the beginning of the game he can often place some punts in some great places. But as the game wears on, he seems to... become worn out... punting, field goal, place kick, extra point. seems his leg doesnt have the stamina. i would rather see edmonton sign someone like sandro to do place kicking, have duval stick to punting. in saying that, i realize that having two kickers is not the trend right now. And im sitting on a forum, not in a team meeting, so who am i.

Thanks for the insight on your view/thoughts, as I've never looked at it from that point of view on place kicking vs punter. Now I see it and yes indeed Duval has good skills on the punting side. I still wish Damon all the best none the less.

I think Peredes deserves credit for a solid outing in a very tough stadium. 4/5, and he made the most important ones when he had to.
Keep it up!

he did really well. especially considering the hostile environment of the rider barn.