get 1 thing straight! Riders will NOT think it will be easy!

All these fans who are thinking the Riders are gonna relax and take it easy and party all week and think Dinwiddie is a joke, etc etc.

are in for a very Rude Awakening!

Kent Austin, just like he has done ALL season long will have this team prepared and ready to play this game!

I can guarantee you that the Rider coaches will not for one split second allow the players to think it's going to be any kind of a cakewalk!

they're going to prepare as if they're facing the toughest team ever, with the best players ever.. they'll come out ready to go!

THAT you can be sure of!, cause Austin won't have it any other way.. :smiley:

I agree. Anyone who has ever watched any CFL knows that you can never underestimate any other team. Even without Glenn, the Bombers have lots of great players and they will be showing up in Toronto with winning on their mind. Why would the Riders stop preparing at this point, before the biggest game of the year? I definitely don't expect a blowout and I'm sure the Green and White don't either.

Hello Saskatchewan , Winnipeg here. Congradulations on a Big Win in BC. Looking forward to an exciting game next week.

Ya im getting sick of our radio in Saskatoon thinking its gonna be a blowout and that dinwitti or dimwitti as they have been calling him is like a peice of meat getting thorn at the bears I am expecting a great game GO RIDERS GO

I can guarantee the Riders are not taking this game lightly they know whoever is QB it will be a tough game.

I dunno...Austin said they're not even putting together a defensive gameplan for Sunday.

Where did you here that crap, plus its not up to him its Richie halls job and believe me Richie has a plan

there has been much talk of a blowout,odds makers are giving 11.5 for the Riders, if you ask me all this hype is playing to the Bombers and more specifically Dinwitties favor..........GO RIDERS

BE SCARED, BE VERY SCARED. You can walk up to a small dog when its cornered and it can quickly become a vicious dangerous animal capable of anything. So can the Bombers.

If the Riders remain focused on the task at hand, they should win fairly easily in this one.

I know that Richie will have something in store for Dinwiddie.. that's a no brainer.

wow sounds like your media out there loves to add more fuel to the already burning fire.
well who ever wins on sunday it will be a close one and most of all the best grey cup to be played east of Winnipeg.
best of luck to both teams.
but i'll put my money on the Blue Bombers
GO BLUE GO :rockin: :cowboy:

It will be very close. I wish that KG were playing because it would have been awesome to see the two MOP going at it. Winnipeg is a strong team and should not be taken lightly. It bothers me that all this junk is being posted that the Riders will win quite easily. I am a Rider fan and I wish some other Rider fans would show a bit more respect. Be fans of the game.

Oh ya…and GO RIDERS!!!

The Riders believe that it will be a cake walk. They have been partying hard already and if they keep up that pace they will be hung over on Sunday.

Daaa ya OK whatever you say.

Now really shadow how did you come about this info?

Come to think about it, I dunno but I would think that most professional athletes do not drink. Now remember I said most not all.

The riders will be prepared you can count on it.

GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shadow7, before you post something so stupid and immature like that, have something to back it up!! or else no one will take what you say seriously.

Hey Fellow Bomber Fans, Please remember that when you come to this site you are guests. Thanks.

Shadow7 only has 22 posts, he's only here to stir the pot! he's probably some stupid kid.

There is a lot of smack going both ways right now and I think that's great. There is nothing wrong with a little friendly rivalry. Finally, after 95 years, two teams that should be in the Grey Cup are in the Grey Cup. Have fun guys/girls. Enjoy the Game.