Gerran Walker

He's been added to the Riders practice roster now. Is this guy gonna be able to give us a threat on offence? Anybody have collage stats or a bio on him. Deep threat? Hands guy? Route runner?

His greatest attribute is 2 unbroken legs.

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Hands guy, small. Should see him returning kicks right away and working his way into the offence slowly (save Dressler's energy for deep routes). Rushing stats seem to indicate he should be able to make guys miss in the open field.

"Negatives: doesn't catch the ball cleanly...."

He'll fit right in!!!


Hope your just kidding A-L.

Gerran Walker Grade: 2.62
Position: WR
Class: Sr
School: Lehigh
Conference: Patriot League
Ht., Wt.: 5-9, 185
40 Time: 4.45
Grading System

BIO: Two-year starter who led the team in receiving as a senior with 38/608/4, also averaging 24.2 yards on 29 kick returns. All-Conference recipient in the past.

POSITIVES: Quick-footed, elusive ball-handler who has the versatility to be used in several roles. Has a quick burst of speed, avoids defenders and displays the ability to create when handling the ball. Possesses soft hands and nicely adjusts to the errant throw, looking the pass in.

NEGATIVES: Does not catch the pass cleanly. Neither strong nor intense as a blocker downfield. Has a history of injuries.

ANALYSIS: Nothing more than a fifth receiver at the next level, Walker must make his mark as a return specialist in summer camp to secure a slot on a roster.

PROJECTION: Undrafted Free Agent

I guess you weren't kidding. Doesn't seem better than what we have in the stables now, maybe worse.

You'd swear it was 1934 with the dearth of import receivers out there....

even if he can return punts just to get dressler as a full time reciever will help....i dont like weston returning punts for fear of getting injured

You've got some balls taking #80, but you wear it well. Don't be surprised to see a couple thousand #80 jersey's in the stands next game.

Who says Arius is negative?

Walker played great yesterday. 2 catches. The big catch at the end of the game was great. Put Riders in position to win. Did good on kickoff returns to. Maybe a little better than 2 unbroken legs.

I think the guy is a keeper! he has strong hands (according to the TV crew) and his catches were awesome! especially the one that set us up for the game winning field goal!

(did you see him reach out and grab that ball? it was vintage Narcisse!)

If Him and Marshall repeat they're preformances, bye bye Palmer, and 1 other one... not sure who... Maybe Bowman? (of course this is once everyone is healthy, if that ever happens.

Bowman I believe is no longer a Rider after this season.

Marshall and Walker both could beat him out!

Bowman will be a great rider next year. Don’t be so dam fast to write players off. Fantz would have been go if the coaches listened to people on this forum. Thank god they didn’t.

Marshall and Walker had great games but it's too early to say they are better than Bowman. Bowman had a great game earlier in the season and everyone loved him.

i think bowman is too big and too strong to give up on this soon. BUT, a big BUT, i he does kinda remind me of jason armstead and we all know he worked out really well for the riders. what a bust he was.

I think hes worth keeping around, if he can revisit the basics he'll be a super receiver

I haven't given up n bowman yet.. He's gotta sit and look at the field, now while he's out and learn more. Fantuz had a sit out last year and when healthy look how swell he's done thus far ? - I love all the receivers they're finding. I just am scared of who do we start when everyone is healthy.

and if there are any riders that read this; if it helps, i use absorbine horse lineament, give it a try.

Keep up the bang up job guys... Anyone that has to step up has at good times. Coach is using his challenges well. [(i didnt see the 'touchy' call on the weekend but regardless we've won some close ones so im not going to press the issue we still won the game)] Tillman's dealing aces.

and one thing i've noticed.
After a new guys caught a td and is sitting on the bench the camera comes to him and puts him on tv, he waves then a coach comes in says something to the effect of 'nice play, we like that here in sask keep cool with the media and smile we like ya.' exit coach, player smile then they change camera.

i've noticed this a few times in the past few games.

but honestly i've loved the season =) so far.