Gerran Walker an argo

.....guess you were right arte....he's signed with the argos....just part of their vaunted offensive attack for if he only had someone to throw him the ball .....Bucky perhaps?????? :lol:

Thought he was Winnipeg-bound for sure. Argos must have made him a good offer. Toronto is slowly accumulating offensive weapons. They are a quality QB, quality RB, and one more impact import receiver away from making serious noise on offence in 2010.

Barker is turning Toronto around.

The Argos NI depth, especially the oline and receiver, is still schat.

Now, they have a ton picks in the this years draft, but those guys won't be ready to step in yet. Argos are on the 3 year program, but at least Barker is giving them some direction.

Thanks, papa...that's why you love me.

Anyway, I don't know how the Argos will fare in 2010, but they've made 6 transactions already this year that are better than any they made last season. With Barker, they should find a serviceable young RB at a relatively cheap price. That really shouldn't be a hard spot to fill.

And we all know one of BC's QB's is going there - Wally doesn't have roster space or the budget for them all, and Buck's $90K roster bonus come Monday is reason enough to jettison him.

From there, they are not horrible, and could be bordering on respectable.

And bordering on respectable is one HUGE upgrade from last season !

Without question. Look, they will be better. Montreal may slip a tad, due to that Grey Cup hangover effect. Hamilton should be better as well, but Wpg is a question mark, depending on how fast things come together for them, and the QB position of course.

In the West, I'd suggest that both Calgary and BC may slip a hair, and Edm and Sask are question marks.

You probably will see the standings, top to bottom, a little tighter this year.

On O-Line, the Argos have Picard, they signed Gagne-Marcoux, and, with their high draft picks, they can easily draft another starter (first overall pick, another Jesse Newman/Dimitri Tsoumpas), and a second and third kid to compete/back up.

At receiver, the Argos have Bradwell, Landros and Cetoute. These 3 Canadian receivers are very good, in my opinion. They were just stuck in Andrus’ pathetic offence last year. And the lack of a quality QB in TO made them look worse than they are.

The Argos will be much better this year.

Argos may improve a little bit in 2010, but are still a long way to go, Walker is a good reciever but he needs a QB to get him the ball, i forcast another long year in argoland.

I agree, I also think they have a darn good Trio in recievers now with Copeland, Lucas and Walker

Wes Cates is still available and Jamal Robertson could still very well return. IMO they are one BC QB away from being a good team, they already have a fairly solid defence