C''mon Brendan Taman,, man up and offer Geroy Simon what he is worth... !!!

:rockin: He was everything we asked for and more in the Grey Cup. and will all of the outgoing bodies since, he will be a great veteran stabilizing leader.

Should be no brainer

I have to agree here, as long as his price tag is right!!

would you pay him 200+k? That is his option.

Absolutely not, the Riders will never bring Geroy back at that Salary.
I think both sides new that the heavy contract last year would have to be renogatiated this season.
Either they had a number in place and one side or the other have changed their mind or it was just something they said would worry about later. well later is now.

Or Geroy is saying "that is the option we agreed to" and trying to get the most out of them he can, which I can't fault him for at all. I can see the Riders trying to ink him for 120-140, perhaps more dependent on the new CBA. Heck, they might sign him on the same terms as 2013, but I can't honestly even see that. I can't see any club breaking 160, except maybe the Argos if they have room, because his leadership could be huge for them and tip them into a championship team again. Experience and leadership are great, but the top end contracts have to go to guys entering their prime.

Of course the Riders had little intent of paying that unless he came in and had a 1200 yard season. The grabbed onto all of the talent they could for the home grey cup opportunity, and now need to purge. Saving 40+k will help keep 2 other players long term.

Simon among several other big name vets were brought in to help put a Grey Cup winning culture to the Riders. Now that they have that Grey Cup they have a whole team of Grey Cup winning expereinced players, including now there QB, Other top receivers like Getz, an entire Oline Unit, and a defense full of returning players that hve taken in the knowledge form a Dwight Anderson, Rickey Foley, etc.

Heard the new radio commercial endorsement from Geroy for Hall Executive suites. So endorsement deal is in place which sets him up in a Luxury furnished suite which is likley worth about 10K if he had to pay for housing on his own.

Darian Durant has also entered and endorsement deal with a Regina delaership. Durant was there yesterdy signing jersey's as well as the Sport cage live broadcast. In return Durant will find himself in a new vehicle as part of the agrrement.

Back to Geroy his role with the Riders will force himto rengotiate his very high salary. Also Simon I think expected to step right into dresslers spot with the receivers but somevery high praise for former NFL receiver Chaz Schilens. He is a big 6'4" receiver and is younger than Simon. Cortez appears to like what he has seen so far. He was at mini camp in Florida and will likely be at Riders rookie camp giving himsome extra timeto adjust to the CFL.

I assume DDs deal is with Ford? If so that is not would be his 4th year of it

yes you are correct. not a bad deal as theygive him a new truck each year.
As for Geroy Simon if he and the Riders do not comeup with a deal I suspect that the Hall executive suites will be looking for a new star player in that suite. Perhaps just the incentive that Kory Sheets may need if he does return to the CFL at some point.

I tend to think that if Sheets should return that the Riders will get the first call either way. Yeah, he likely takes a few to get a fair offer, but he always seemed pretty smitten where he was.

He’s done.
Geroy is set to retire.

It appears the all-time leading receiver in CFL history is set to retire.

TSN’s Farhan Lalji is reporting that Geroy Simon is expected to call it a career after 15 seasons.

Lalji says that Simon will not be in uniform on Sunday when the Saskatchewan Roughriders open training camp. The 38-year-old will retire as a member of the Roughriders after spending just one season in the prairie province, and winning his third Grey Cup in the process.

A formal press conference is expected to take place later this week.

Simon spent most of his career in British Columbia with the Lions winning Grey Cups in 2006 and 2011. He spent the first two seasons of his career with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Simon tallied 16,352 yards receiving and 103 touchdown receptions over his tenure in the league.

pretty shocked h would retire as a Rider to be honest. Most players of Simon’s stature sign a one day deal and retire…perhaps a slap in the face to BC?

Considering this is right at camp I do question if he sat back and said…hey, nobody is going to pay me X amount…i’m done.

He got a very nice pay check last year as well as an endorsement deal. He is not go to get either anywhere else

I think that is more then likely the case. I think he had a dollar amount in mind that he would continue to play and when the Riders didn't bite he probably put out some "feelers" to see if anyone else would. I think no one bit and so he saying to heck with it I will just call it a day. I also agree this retiring as a Rider( possibly a coaching spot in the near future? ) is his way at thumbing his nose at Wall eye for not resigning him. I want to say Geroy was a class act all the way and took not being used as much as he wanted to during the regular season like a true pro and a totally cool guy. He came through when called upon in the playoffs and the Grey Cup and I'm really happy his only two Grey cup touchdowns came as a Rider. I tip my cap to him and hope he stays with the organization in some capacity but if that is not to be I wish him all the best in the future no matter where he goes. Take a bow Geroy you have earned it.

I could very easily see him becoming involved with TSN

I think he would be a natural fit.TSN is adding 3 new networks and have lost the NHL contract. With the large investment in the CFL paying off it is time to add more CFL Content by ways of aweekly show of highlights and previews.
TSn has been doing similar such shows via radio for induvidual teamsand entire league. Time to move that to TV where visual highlights can be seen.

Thanks G! :thup: