Now that Getzlaf has been confirmed as a starter, will Geroy see a pass? The Semi final saw him with 1 pass for 6 yds and a "please don't hit me" attempted catch. Are his leadership qualities that significant to burn a roster spot?

Simon will be on the roster if for no other reason than to act as a decoy. Count on it!

Why wouldn't he play? Although the receiving stats are down he still contributes big time with his blocking.

For $250,000 he better do more then block, i'm pretty sure when Tanman signed him for that kind of $$$$ it wasn't to put him on the field and make a few blocks. I hope for Geroy's sake he turns it up today and becomes a factor on a the field as a Receiver

There are many instances where he is open, but Durant has tunnel vision when he passes the ball... he doesn't look off defenders or see who might be open...

Geroy looks frustrated at times. Nice man but should retire. :cowboy: He was awfully happy though after my Riders defeated his old Lions!!

Rider Pride Nation Wide

We have three recievers over 1000 yards this season. Pretty good year for the Rider O IMO. Who gets less passes, Getzlaf or Dressler who are both all stars or Taj Smith who played like on all star this season including in the West semi.

This is how you burn your bridges.

So a guy is deemed expendable and is traded, and it's wrong for him to hold a grudge against his former team that no longer wanted him? I see nothing wrong with those comments.

But here’s the thing. It’s not ‘any guy’ we’re talking about here. Rather, someone who was a fixture in the community and synomymous with ‘football’ and ‘Lions.’ He did a lot, but the club was very good to him too. All they did was ask him to take a reduced role for reduced pay or face losing Nick Moore (3rd in the league in receptions in 2013). They even recognized his accompishments before the game when he returned here in October and he was given a prolonged standing ovation. So what did he do after the game? Sulked and refused to speak to the media!

I understand the ‘truth serum’ effect when a mic gets stuck in his face after an emotional game, but when fans here hear him say things like “this was the ultimate goal to send those guys home, you can best believe that,” and “I feel pretty bleepin’ good right now,” they might feel a little miffed.


I’m not trying to take sides so don’t get me wrong here but I can see where Rhymes with Orange is coming from. I was a little surprised and then disappointed by Simon’s comments. There was an edge to his comments and while you see nothing wrong with his remarks they smack a little of “I was unfairly treated.” Geroy was revered in B.C. and respected by his team mates and the coaching staff. I don’t think he has anything to complain about. Sure, he would be disappointed but why hang out dirty laundry?

Every player is deemed expendable and can end up being traded. As their level of performance goes down so does the demand to have them on the team. Guys like Paris Jackson and Jarious Jackson come to mind. Jarious had some great athletic ability and would love to have been front and center as a regular starting QB. It was not meant to be. He had plenty of chances but he knew his limitations. He was relegated to fill in role when someone was injured or 3rd and short yardage plays. Yet he always seemed to maintain a professionalism even during adversity. Paris Jackson, who is currently a receiver for the Lions is just happy to still be a Lion. He makes the best of his abilities and he knows he is going to be used only sparingly. He knows there are other players who are younger and better but he also appreciates the fact that he can still do something for the team whether it is on the field or from the sidelines.

I am disappointed in Simon in some respects but I’ll not go into the reasons why at this time. Suffice it to say that like anyone else he is human but he needs to have a more realistic perception of himself, his abilities, where he is presently at in his career and that nothing is ever written in stone.
In my opinion his comments were measured but there is no doubt he was taking a few shots. And that is what is disappointing. He was paid well and treated well while in B.C. Maybe he doesn’t realize that many fans felt the trade was a good one. Being traded is part of being a pro ball player. Knowing one is expendable and that others want your job is just common sense.