Just thought my super hero's name deserved to be up on the forum WITHOUT Mr. Lube beside it.

Geroy's been my main man for some time now and I've turned (well, I guess he's helped a little) everyone I know into Simonites.

Another 150 or so yards. Makes it all look effortless. Celebrates with class, in true Geroy fashion.

Yep, his name just needed to be up here tonight (like every other night).

Good game Geroy. From your #1 Fan.

Yo Geroy, way to kick some ass! As well as the whole Lions team. Because as a team can we only truly become great. But man does Geroy sure make it all look so damn cool. Geroy rules! Milt who?

Geroy has been playing great football for a long time. and against MTL he embarrased the d. Goood Job Geroy.