geroy who?

it justs shows tonight. winnipeg had our number last week, they deserved that win but it wont happen again. Our defence shut the 2nd best reciver in the league down



geroys 6 TD's this season tells mr hes the best reciever in the league, and he is

jason tucker 90 more yards receiving then geroy....tells me he's the best receiver name yogidabear tells me your a 10 year old, or a 35 year old that spends way to much time watching cartoons

yards dont win games, points do...

Bingo!! Which brings me to Stegall > Pitts

how many games have jasont tucker won in his career compared to geroy bluey???????????? and who has more rings bluey???????. he wins more games and gets more yards, and geroy he got shut down in the head to head match up last night...jason tucker didnt though.he lit them up.

oh yah whats stegall won...he won the respect of all the stinks in manitoba, and thts about it

Umm only the MVP in the CFL.

Simon = 6 TD

Tucker = 3 TD

Last year means nothing "stop living in the past"

WEWRE TALKING BAOUT BEST RECEIVER YOU CANT JUST TAKE 4 GAMES TO TELLW HOS BEST RECIVER STINK. even though in the first 4 game she no doubt much better

Maybe he just likes pickanic baskets?? :lol:

This comment right here just shows how much you know about football. Stegall will go down as one of, if not THE BEST receiver in CFL history

raw you're dumb, tucker sucks geroy rules. eskimoes suck, look for them to end they'e playoff run this year

and your attitude and pathetic logic for everything tells me that you're either 10 or a 35 year old with the intelligence of a 10 year old... whats your point???

All the guys you guys are talking about are fantastic receivers. But I will say this for Stegall: he will go into the Hall of Fame with more touchdowns than anyone else has ever scored. Is he as good as he used to be? Probably not. But he's still producing, and his long and distinguished career can't be sneezed at.

Points win games, but yards are important too. If you've got a guy who catches everything and from anywhere on the field gets the ball to the one yard line, setting up a plunge for the TD, but never scores himself, wouldn't he be a better receiver than one who ends the season with 20 touchdowns, but drops everything but 5-yard catches in the end zone?

You win the thread

I would say both are equally important... you need guys who get you points just as much as you need guys who get you into position to score points.

The reason why Geroy struggled is that he was double covered and he still managed to make plays, and he is better than Tucker heres an example, I know Rawnotsorookierickyray is kinda stupid so ill go slow: Simon has 43 TD's since 2003 compared to Tucker's 34, want more, Geroy has 5123 yards since 03, Tucker has 4220. Look at the stats idiot, Geroy is better.