Geroy: Thanks for the Memories

Just thought I'd start a thread, thanking Geroy for his many fine years of service to the BC Lions Football Club. You can't blame a player for thinking he still has "it". Nor can you blame Buono for making the appropriate offer to his aging former superstar.

Don't count on me to cheer if and when he does the Superman pose in our endzone during the 2013 season. Personally, I'm not sure he has the ability to consistently get open any more. He certainly didn't run away from too many DBs last season. I also wonder where will the veteran leadership come from in our offensive huddle, besides Angus Reid? Hard to get it from Paris Jackson, another guy who should be looking for another line of work.

Can't say I'm surprised Bruce and Parker also got jettisoned. So who will be the next aging veteran Wally finds to fill Parker's spot?

Geroy better get used to shoveling snow off his driveway in Regina and seeing the countryside from horizon to horizon. At least he won't have the mosquito problem Winnipeg is famous for.

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy: