Geroy Simon?

unless he comes real cheap you gotta be kidding me
under the best quarterback in the CFL he only managed 700 yards receiving.
I can't imagine how low his yardage will be under durrant but it will be pretty poor.

Taman has lost his marbles

He would add a level of consistancy to our receving core that hasn't been their since 2010. Getzlaf has butter fingers, you can only target Dressler so many times in a game, Bagg is coming off 2 torn ACL's in a row and the rest (Carr, Smith,) etc are largley unproven. Cortez's offense worked well for burris because of the abudance of weapons (Fantuz, Gigure, Williams, Grant, Stala), we have our runningback in Sheets, our gadget player in Sanders and our go to guy in Dressler, outside of that it's looking pretty bleak, not only will Simon be a consistant target for DD, he can mentor the Greg Carr''s and the Taj Smith's on our team. It's a win win. I'm on board with this.

I am all for this trade. I wish we could get him under an extension, though. Receiver has been an issue for us the last couple years with injuries and dropped balls. Hopefully he will provide a sense of stability.

I just hope no one starts the "gee what? Geroy " chant,as I heard during the 2006 GC in winnipeg.

The BC Lions had too much depth at WR to keep Simon. Wally straight up said that he was willing to cut him if a trade didn't happen. At 37 his best days are behind him, and his salary was supposed to be 205k, and that has reportedly been what, they are not sating.

The Riders already have Dressler as an import SB, so it will be interesting to see how they plan to work him in. Getz better step up his game, because this could seriously slash his playing time.

Harper has some good upside potential, but honestly, he is lost in a swarm of receivers brought in over the past year or so. I would have liked to see a forth round packaged with this, not a 3rd, but it is what it is.

What pisses me off a little is that BT should have some level of connection with Romby Bryant as he brought him into the CFL. This basically throws that out the window once FA season actually opens.

Romby Bryant, Shawn Gore, Larry Taylor, Brian Bratton, Maurice Mann and Clarence Denmark are all potential FAs. IMO this was jumping the gun. I would have taken my chances on FAs...Simon would likely be available in 3 weeks when FA season starts.

Is this a bad
Was it the smartest move with FA season starting on Feb 15...I tend to think likely not.
If the Riders are unable to ink Willis or a good replacement, they are going to need those draft picks as trade bait.
The Lions likely didn't care about picking up Harper or not...all they wanted was that draft pick.


though one of the potential FAs could have done this as well

The addition of Geroy Simon to wear Rider green should /will give Sask. much more if a balanced attack for Durant to work with. Looking forward to see what Cortez puts together as far as the play/scheme wise go. I'm O.K. with the trade.

Im honestly wondering if there was another team trying to trade for him because even Taman couldnt be that stupid to just give a 3rd round pick away to a Western rival.

I see the upsaide. Geroy will be consistent. He'll draw coverage away from others. I think the biggest asset he brings is sure hands and he does more or less replace Fantuz (who was money). This gives Darian that receiver that is smart, reads, defense, gets open and makes plays.

The downside, I heard we'll pay him $170K? Again, that is about the money we threw around to Fantuz. The kicker is Geroy is 37 not 27.

I hate giving up picks like Taman has always been prone to do.............but you give up something to get something.

A previous poster discussed Romby. Romby is a pure WR. Geroy is a pure slot. We're getting a different beast in Geroy. Yes, we still need consistency at WR (Carr, Bagg, Smith, McHenry carosell has to end).

Getz.............was he WR last season or slot. This move will surely get Getz back to the outside.

Import ratio. This makes Shomari signing very important. Using Sholy, Butler and Shomari as non imports on D is pretty important now. On offence we'll start 4 Cdn O-line and maybe a Cdn receiver (Getz, Bagg, Sisco). Having a non import play LB is pretty critical right now. Maybe the brass thinks better of Hurl and isn't too worried about Shomari? But Shomari is learning and has played so many positions.............he can play DL, LB and teams. I'd feel better getting 99 signed

Simon is in terrific shape for 37. I know those will say he was injured through a large cunk of last season but if BC did not get all that production out of the young receviers he may have come back sooner. He will ad stability that they did not have with the rec carasel that was going on last season. When Bagg got hurt it got worse. Taj Smith turned out to be the winner of the new import rec last year and if Bagg can stay healthy will be his opposite side WR. SB Simon, Dress, and Getz. 2 NIs and 3 Imports. Greg Carr will add depth and SIsco will most likley resign with one last shot at showing they did not make a mistake in drafting him first. Jock Sanders can not be forgotten hopefully he will recover fully and become the return specialsit as well as a slash type player on offense as Larry Taylor in Calgary.
Off the point but having to do with the Ratio Lobendahn came in and stabilzed the MLB spot but seemed to be out a lot on 2nd and long passing downs with a Hurl Ferri combo coming in on passing downs. James Yurichuk has been stuck behind two great MLBs the last two years in BC, He is an NI and former first rnd pick and the word around BC is that he is an every down starting MLB like Bighill but hard to get time with BigHill their and ten Elimian coming back. He has yet to be re signed by BC and is a FA. BC has nothing to offer him. Just a thought

However I look at the upsides, i still dislike this move. Yes he can be a decent and consistant target for DD. And he can show the up and comers how its done. But i still don't like it. It feels like whenever Wally thinks he has a WR to dump due to age / salary he looks to the Riders. ( ie Clermont trade ) IMO Geroy was supposed to retire as a Lion and get his jersey raised up with Lui's.

I am a big BC fan and have seen SIMON play for the last 10 years--

My friends WALLY has unloaded a DUD to SASK. SIMON is finished my friends--

He is physically not able to compete anymore. His HAMSTRINGS are very weak, you see he is a FINESSE receiver, FINESSE receivers have a RAPID DECLINE where 1 season they are playing and the next season they are FINISHED--

SIMON was finished last season- The first post in this thread was correct- SIMON cannot catch any passes if he TAKES any contact- He is so physically weak- If he gets hit he will DROP the ball for sure-

Its really simple- He is 37 years old- He is not faster than the average HALFBACK DB in the CFL- He is definitely not big as he is quite skinny, sure he can recognize zones and run hook patterns, but he has no DOWNFIELD ability- Last year I am not sure he even got open deep once during the entire season--

2 seasons ago SIMON was still catching passes deep and was still one of the best receivers in the CFL, the STATS dont lie-- 700 yards last season and he was LULAYS #1 passing option on almost every single pass--

You want a COMPARISON--- JERMAINE COPELAND in TORONTO- -This is SIMON for SASK- a guy who could just run and catch a short pass and thats it--

People are going to say he is 38 and in great shape, so what? 25 year olds are in better shape and are 12 years younger and fresher and just quicker and better than he is.

There is a reason why there are no 38+ old receivers playing

SASK TAMAN missed badly here-- ARLAND BRUCE was the receiver who could still play at a HIGH LEVEL not SIMON.

BRUCE is like a MINI TERREL OWENS- HE is in good shape and is a physical receiver who wont shy from contact and can run touch intermediate routes and also get open deep- He has good running ability-

ARLAND is not a FINESSE RECEIVER- He is a physical receiver that will WIN the battle for the balls- He makes tough catches-

SIMON is the exact opposite- HIs weapon was speed, and his speed is gone now- He just cant beat these young dbs anymore, BRUCE at least can outmuscle and use his leverage and his basketbal jumping ability to beat a DB--

Im sorry guys but you have landed a DUD-- WALLY is good at releasing guys past their EXPIRY date- BRUCE if he was making less money would be in BC, but WALLY didnt want SIMON because he wasnt worth more than 70k a year cause he will hurt your receiving core

You guys are missing the real question here. What number will Geroy wear? 81 is untouchable.

I would imagine he will wear 81, since it has already been worn by other players in recent years.

I am generally happy with this trade... Is he getting old, yes. But is he better than most of the receivers we have been looking at over the last couple years... yes, so I think it is a move in the right direction.

Could we have picked him up for nothing after he was cut... maybe, so it might not be the smartest move in the history of the CFL, but the move will still make the Riders a better team IMO

If Sask waited until he was realeased you may not have gotten him. For a dome guy like Simon he may not have had Sask at the top of his list. With his relationship with Braley and Milanovich Toronto would be calling I think. But you never know. Calculated risk. personally I think he's past it but for one year he may be worth the risk especially in a Grey Cup year. I would've stayed clear but I can see why they pulled the trigger. I hope he does well. But 37 is the fall off age for most players. BC will miss his presence, not many 12 year guys on any team.

True, I think BC might slip in the standings because of these moves, it's no guarnetee that Gore will be back as he has NFL asperations, outside of him it's Ianuzzi and Courtney Taylor? Lulay will have to rely on Harris and once teams figure out Harris (put a linebacker spy on him) then their offense may falter because of it. As far as the Riders go we need to solidify our Defense in order to be taken seriously our secondary is a revolving door, our line backing core is a mess and our Dline was unhealthy for the most part with Willis still not resigned I worry about our Defense.

Free Agents the Riders may go after if available; Linebacker - Marcellus Bowman , Defensive end - Bryant Turner.
Others.....Defensive backs; Seth Williams and Rod Williams.

Our d was still ranked number 2 in alot of categories including the most important one: Points allowed. Our secondary was a revolving door do to injury, not production and our linebackers did well for 2/3 of the season.

Now potentially subtract Willis and Brackenridge we could be in trouble