Anyone else notice that Geroy has quickly taken the receiver lead in the cfl? Over 100 per! Best receiver out there.

Props to Logan for having the 2nd best yards per only behind Lumsden. Granted only a couple games but he is new and thats a great start!

Geroy's back in fine form this year - back to his old self. It's funny how regaining your confidence after an injury can do wonders for your game.

I wear my Geroy jersey with pride...he truly is the best.

July 25th against Montreal is Geroy Night.

He is 4 yards away from surpassing Jim Young as the Lions all-time leading receiver.

2 TDs away from passing "Dirty 30" for career lead in TDs.

what I respect is that he's not out there just catching and racking up stats, but several times I witnessed him making blocks for his teamates! He sets the example of an all around team leader and someone to look up to! Way to Go Simon we're lucky to have you in B.C.

Good observation. That injury last year must of been worse than we were told. Geroy looks like he is in fine form!

Those superman poses are a thing of beauty. I hope he's here a long time and breaks all the CFL records.

July 25th is Geroy Simon night AND my birthday!

Go Lions Go!

He should break Jim Young's record that night.

Would have been interesting to see what sort of stats Mervyn Fernadez would have posted if he had stayed here instead of going to Oakland.

Couldda, woulda, shoulda, how to compare the two?????

he would have shatterd every record if he was here another 3 years could you imagine him playing with mat dunigan in 1988 and 89,, and he went to la not oakland.

He went to the Raiders who had only been in LA for 2 years when he went. The only reason they played in LA for 12 years is because Oakland's stadium was a dump.

They moved back to Oakland in 1994. For most people that have been watching football for a long time they have always been known as Oakland.

Anyone heard if Jim Young is going to be around tonight to honour Geroy?

Haven't read anything in the paper at all regarding that.

Dirty Thirty was on the sidelines and apparently was really into it.

Congrats're a fine individual and a talented athlete - we're proud to call you a Lion.

(And man, you know you're getting old when you remember seeing the guy SET the records that are being broken).

The more I learn about Da G-man the more I respect him! I read a article where his goal was to make a difference in the CFL not abandon ship at the first NFL carrot dangled in his face, like so many others quick to abandon the CFL, only to find that they are a small fish in a huge pond in the NFL! I would really like to meet the G-man one day soon and shake his hand! He's one of those rare players that stand out in this league as 1 in a million! not many sports stars I respect these days, but he's 1 of them and the CFL and the Lions are darn lucky to have him!

One of the statements he's made about the CFL is that it made him love football again. It's nice that he feels loyalty to this league.

That's good for us. :wink:

Got to meet Jim Young at halftime when he was signing autographs outside section 11.

My first Lions game was in 1979 against Calgary.
Lions trailing by 6 with 40 seconds to go and Joe Paopao hooks up for 2 long gains with Harry Holt. On the game's final play he hits Young for the game winning TD.

Meeting "Dirty 30" and relating that experience with him just added to a great evening. :rockin: