geroy simon

ok im not joining any bandwagon here and of course everyone loves geroy, but i have missed 2 games in the past 5 years, i have suite tickets the whole 9 yards....or 1,357 of them. I've loved simon since i saw his first bc catch back 6 years ago, really i do love him and if it were up to me, i would pull a islander and sign a good 'ol 10 year contract....well thats what i have to say,

if your joining the bandwagon, i dont care more noise for us!!!!

Geroy for prez.........or prime...!?!?


I can't even count how many times he has got me out of my seat in the last 4 years.

At least he signed a new 3-year deal at the start of the season and by the time that contract is up, it's a good bet no other Lion will wear #81 again.

He sure got everyone going with that 80 yard TD reception in the second half. Did you see how open he got?

Did you see how open he got against the Rider D ? Neither did I, cause he never was!! No superman pose in Regina yesterday. He was shut down.

Kman7... Geroy was in the game.. maybe you did not see him because you were adjusting your Watermelon Helmet like the rest of those hot head Rider fans. Why don't you just admit it was a good game hard fought by 2 teams.

Hey Dufus (I mean Kman)....have you become so used to Geroy's outstanding skills that when he has a so called "average" night you rag on him? He still managed 5 receptions for 65 yards, the longest being 26 (which, I might add tied the Rider's longest reception). So if you're laughing at him, better laugh at your Rider's offense too because on his "off" night he was still as good as your best. If you think you shut him down, think again. Ya, he didn't get his usual 100+ yards but he still managed to make receptions with double coverage on him (says a lot for those Rider guys trying to cover him, doesn't it?)

He managed to pretty much equal your guys AT THEIR BEST on his "off night" (as you saw it), so you pretty much just managed to slam your own team's offense. Check out the stats. Good one.

and, for the record kmanwhosebedtimeis7, the double coverage were all over Geroy, mugging him like street thugs. And, of course, there were no calls when he was totally interfered with, but he still managed to come through. So don't you have somewhere else to go. Geroy's proven's time you worry about your own team. :roll:

Hey deb.....ever taken a valium?

I was at the game.....didn't see any questionable calls/non-calls vs. Simon last weekend.....yes it was a good game and the Rider D shut Simon down, no Simon didn't play to the potential I thought he had. Both of you are right.

Geroy for MVP!

He truly delivers..
I think it's awful what Copeland and N Lewis called his touchdown pose when they were on OTR Friday night.. I can't bring myself to repeat it.. in fact, i hope i heard wrong.

I dont know what game you were watching ..but if you think Eddie Davis is Double coverage all night..go for it.. even Suitor commented how they were positioning Simon away from middle coverages...all that said.. Simon is the best reciever in the League hands down...Eddie was just better that night.

Was a Typical Rider/BC slugfest, I wouldnt expect anything less these 2 teams despise each other

Everyone is missing the point that it is not that Geroy had an average night, the real problem was Dickenson, who, because of his concussion, couldn't get the job done. It takes two to tango. If the throws and reads aren't there, how can anyone catch the ball. Wally Buono should take some of the heat because he waited waaaay to long before putting in Buck.