Geroy Simon, "when AC gets in a bind he's looking 18"

hehehe.. that's quite the statement made by Simon!

but he's right.

and he's right about Richardson being the MOP as well.

Sure looks like it tonight. Richardson has been bottled up all night and AC doesn't turn anywhere else. I'm surprised it took as long as it did to switch up QBs, he obviously wasn't getting the job done.

Yes, Richardson should win the MOP, although he looked anything but an MOP last night.
2 catches for 5 yds is atrocious for him but at the same time, still an outright anomaly as well.

Hope Calvillo and Richardson have similar performances next week against my Cats. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes a stumbling,bumbling show against our Cats would be perfect.I think Williams and Johnson would like to give Richardson 2 flat tires,now wouldn't that be something! :smiley: