Geroy Simon Traded to Ticats?

Im only speculating, but please listen to this theory.

Casey Printers and Geroy Simon are good friends and from what I have read in some Vancouver news articles, Simon is estatic Printers is back in the CFL, and upset Casey isn't back in BC right now.

In the Spec today, Printers says his favourite football player in the CFL is Geroy Simon.

Then, we trade MAAS to the Als for FB - Piercey. Why? We already have Radlein and Dickerson.

Because Radlein attended UBC and probably wouldn't mind going back. From all looks, Radlein appears to have fallen out of favour in Hamilton.

So...Radlein gets traded to BC with our 1st or 2nd round pick for Geroy Simon...and Piercey is the starter at FB for the remainder of the season....

Will this happen, who knows...but I couldn't help but notice all this in the past day or so....

Not sure whether Buono would pull that trigger given the state of his QB situation. Losing Simon now (and not at the end of the season) would not be a recipe I'd be putting in my oven if I were him. Still, a Smith-Radlein backfield would be dynamic indeed.

I expect that Geroy will be seriously looking to join Casey in Tigertown as a free agent, I just don't see it happening that quickly re a trade.

I hope to be proven wrong, but I digress! LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

Well then, wouldn't it stand to reason that BC would want something, anything, for him before he becomes a free agent. If you know he's leaving anyway, then get something for him now.

I like the Radlein theory.

Granted, but that would be a big blow to their passing game. Although Simon’s numbers have been adversely affected by Vancouver’s QB carousel, he still attracts a ton of attention from opposing secondaries. I do not discount that a trade would get value for Geroy, but man, to beat the Riders in November, they really need that go-to gamebreaker.

I can’t wait to see if and when Geroy lands in Tigertown. Lights out!

Oski Wee Wee,

I can see it both ways here.....

First off the trade made no sense from a Hamilton perspective; sure moving Maas out was probably close to a necessity, but Piercy? When you already have Radlein and Dickerson? I was puzzled.

So a subsequent trade of Radlein now becomes a strong possibility.

But BC? They seem quite happy with a 2 back backfield as it is with Smith and Smart (they sure ran rougshod over Montreal). Would they want Radlein? I"m not so sure....

Moving Simon before he goes FA might not be a bad move.....but methinks Wally would have to be darn certain that he wasn't coming back before he'd pull the trigger on such a deal; and he'd probably want more than Radlein and draft picks.

Actually, rather than doing this deal, I thought a Maas plus draft picks and maybe someone else for Simon would have been a good deal for both parties......

At the Stadium today was a Reporter for Vancouver Province news Paper..

I asked him the same Question
He Laugh and Said your 3rd Person to ask me this. who did think the 1st was.
Casey Printers.

I think it long shot but it could happen

It would be nice to see Geroy Simon here. But really our receiving core is starting to look pretty good. I was really puzzled why, (after trading Maas) They didnt go for a O lineman. maybe they were just getting rid of Maass salary. That `s the only reason I can think of now.

receiving corps.

When I first heard that BC was one of the teams interested in signing Printers, I was hoping that Printers wouldn't be foolish enough to go back there with Wally Buono still at the helm. Buono treated Printers like absolute garbage while he played there. Printers got the team to the Grey Cup game, only to have Buono yank him and put Dickinson in for the big game. I was SO furious! To this day, I have hated Buono and I no longer watch BC games as long as he's still the coach. Perhaps losing Geroy Simon to Hamilton would be a good slap in the face for Buono, which he certainly deserves! I hope that Printers has a huge game every time that Hamilton faces BC! We can then watch Buono and Dickenson cry in the wind!!

I don't know if my ticker can handle that much excitement in one week.

Crosses fingers, says a prayer, puts on 1986 Grey Cup hat, rubs lucky charms...

receiving corps.
thanks for the correction Madjack. next time I`ll use spellcheck

We have spell check? Did I miss that memmo?

No, but I find it funny when someone uses the forum to correct a little error. Such as receiving corps.But spellcheck would be nice.

With us possibly losing Clermont to Saskatchewan as a free agents, I can't see Wally letting Simon go as well. Besides, I thought Simons contract was extended during Grey Cup last year?

BTW we are very happy with Joe SMith & Ian Smart!

Sorry, but that receiving corps point is a pet peeve of mine. When I see ‘receiving core’ it’s like someone is running their fingernails down the chalkboard…

Hey Madjack,

I guess I should have let that go anyways. it`s no big deal.


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either way is just fine. Receiving core can mean the core of the receiving unit. so there :wink:








head ...

i think the trade made sense.

The tiger-cat organization traded away a quarterback & his salary and in return picked up something for maas at less money.

Tigercats unleashed Maas to reduce the quarterback situation here in hamilton to a quantity of 3 and saved some cash in the process.

everybit of cash saved helps in the long run. so that the organization can address a future possibility at a later date.