Geroy Simon, one of the Green Men!

In advance, I'm sorry if this was already widely known, but I was pretty shocked when I found out that Geroy Simon is one of the Green Men in Vancouver. He showed up on the show Off the Record. I don't even watch the show regularly, I just happened to be watching, and Michael Landsberg unmasked one of them, and 'lo and behold, there was Simon!

There's the link, I -believe- you can watch it there. Vancouver fan, across the board, haha. :smiley:

I hadnt heard this yet. very interesting. He is not someone i would expect to be a hockey fan, for a variety of reasons.

I can't find the video you're talking about but I think that was just a gag. Believe it or not the green men have a twitter account and have some pictures of the two of them with Geroy Simon but he isn't in the leotard.

Ahhh, I see. Maybe it was a gag, but it was awesome to see him in the leotard, haha.

Now if this was in Toronto and a member of the Argos was doing that for the Leafs, Larry Tannenbaum of MLSE would have the Argo player ejected from the building for life. Isn't that the way it would work, eh Larry? :wink:

It was a gag. Landsberg, host of OTR, got him to do it. Tonight, the other green guy is supposed to be unmasked. Hit the nail on the head, Earl!

...I'm just curious to know why, when Geroy was to speak...that he didn;t have his bluengold suit on with the big S on the front...I guess they couldn't get a phone-booth on the set???? :roll:

Haven't seen it but must have just been a gag. Geroy is more of a hoops fan but probably playing to the crowd.

Those two clowns are actually on-air employees of radio station CKWX News1130, an all news station that's owned by Rogers - which could explain why there's very little 'news' on that station - just pom-pom rallying for the Canucks.

Speaking of which, I see Rogers wants to take on CTV for an all news TV station in Toronto. It'll be interesting how this shakes out and how much "news" the Rogers channel has compared with fluff stuff.

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On a semi-related note... Anyone see Cohon at the game the other night? I thought that was cool.

Didn't see the game as I was out but I think the Nucks and Lions have a good relationship, true? Unlike the Leafs and Argos.

Homer radio -- somehow it's still in almost every metro area in North America and sucks more than ever too. :roll:

would it be ok if there was a station that was little more than a pom-pom station for the Lions?

That changes things IMO. It was bad enough when I thought they were a couple of idiot fans doing it but Rogers employees being paid to be idiots, that's different. :thdn:

Well, I expect stations to play to the masses and get behind the local team playing in a championship. But not a supposed "news" station, at least not the thorough over-the-top overkill they display. And it's usually just fluff. The moronic 'man in the street or bar' interview, "We're goin' all the way! Woo-hoo!" :roll:

They lead off the hour and 1/2 hour with headlines (Canucks lead that of course), then weather and traffic, then about 8 mins of Canucks....then 4 minutes of news, and then it's time for the sports at :15 and :45!

If I wanted that much fill of the Canucks, I'd be listening in to the all-sports station! Sheesh!

then there is the province "newspaper". 56 pages devoted to the canucks, including both front section and back. How dare they

In fairness, not many people know that they're actually on-air talent at News1130. And it's never been disclosed whether they are paid shills for the club or not. I would say though, with Rogers' close association/relationship with the team - they own the building name and are one of the club's main sponsors after all - the optics don't look great.