Geroy Simon may soon be available

Saw this in the Winnipeg Free Press

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So if no one trades for him...will BC release him outright?

I can't see Wally getting anything for him. Expensive, 37 year old receivers aren't exactly a hot commodity.

I'm with you on that jordan as much as I respect Geroy's achievements all these years, it's coming to an end.

I might sign him cheap if he's released just to see what he can still do at camp, but I agree that anyone his age has almost no trade value. Also, receivers and slotbacks isn't exactly a weak point for us.

Toronto would be a great fit IMO.

Which starting receiver would we replace with him? Williams? Uh, no. Grant? Maybe, but I'm thinking Grant has a lot more up-side given his age. One of our non-imports? What would that do to our ratio?


The Als might be a good landing spot. Brian Bratton certainly didn't endear himself to the team with his big drop in their last game of the season. The salary cap never seems to be a problem in Montreal. :wink:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Naylor is tweeting to not be surprised if Simon is wearing green by the end of the day. Another good offensive move for the Riders.

The Riders are going for it, and why shouldn’t they? I can’t imagine what that offense will look like if the “good” Gregg Carr decides to show up. Lethal.

Dressler, Getzlaf, Bagg, Carr, Sheets...and SIMON. Cortez is now the OC lets not forget.

Riders offense should be scary good this year...thank god we only have to play them twice.

Yes, Simon may just fit in very nicely with that group no question, at least for a couple years. I know he keeps himself in excellent shape.

Wow, I wonder if they got him to take a pay cut? Declining production and increasing salary is not a good situation in my book. Good on Simon for landing on his feet tough.

An Argo-Cat fan

So where are all the posts about Wally Buono is not veteran friendly.
Dumping Bruce, Parker and now Geroy Simon.
When Obie traded high priced veterans to make room for younger receivers he was crucified!

Dunno, maybe on the Lions forums. To be honest I haven’t checked.

This.It was so annoying to hear people talking about how Obie was the most ruthless GM in the biz.Let's see how well you work when everybody in the city constantly knocks down your accomplishments.

Grover wrote:

"So where are all the posts about Wally Buono is not veteran friendly.
Dumping Bruce, Parker and now Geroy Simon.
When Obie traded high priced veterans to make room for younger receivers he was crucified!"

I hear you, Grover. Every GM, including Popp, has done it. It's part of every team's process. But it seems the Obie haters are deaf and blind.

Of course, there’s a difference between Buono and Popp, on the one hand, and O’Billovich, on the other (at least in his days as a Ticat). Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

I really think this is a bad time for the Lions to be making these kinds of moves. They just came off a 13-5 season and won the Grey Cup a year ago in which Geroy Simon and Arland Bruce were their star receivers. I haven't paid much attention to Byron Parker but Bruce and Simon are still quality players with a few years left in them at least and the Lions should be milking that in order to win another championship in that amount of time. Buono comes out and says after the Lulay signing that the cap hit is not an issue, then releases three expensive veterans. I realize the Lions are trying to build for the future but it is not the time to dismantle your team when you're at the top of your game. Stupid moves and I guarantee it will hurt them for a little while. On the other hand I'm interested in seeing what improvement the Riders will have if any with the additions of Cortez and Simon.

Edit: However BC has excellent coaches and many other quality players. I'm not saying this will make them a bad team, but I do think it will be a tough battle for first or even second this year and these moves will have a lot to do with that.

There should be a little bit of leeway given with older franchise type players who are still producing. It's not like having Geroy Simon on your team is going to be detrimental. Not only has he been consistently good in BC, but the 12 year veteran also has a good relationship with the fans. There will be many pissed off people this year in BC Place with #81 jerseys.