Geroy Simon joins Edmonton Elks as assistant GM

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks have added another piece to their football operations staff.

Geroy Simon was announced Tuesday as the Green and Gold’s new assistant general manager and is set to play a key role under new Elks general manager and head coach Chris Jones.

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Excellent hire by Chris Jones , Welcome to Edmonton Geroy let’s get some Grey Cups going again where they belong

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How can they fit all this under the CAP? Something smells with some if these recent hires

Am I missing something? What recent hires besides Jones? TiCats just announced Steinhauer as President & he has 3 Assistant GM's, Hervey replacing Burke. Jones hiring an Assistant GM is kind of expected considering all the hats he's wearing. Somebody has to look after the draft, negotiate contracts etc.. Good hire.

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Simon will be expensive and Edm still had to pay out those they just fired...In terms of Hamilton...all their new hires are top names and very expensive....very worrisome

@pantsonfire you do know you're not taking to a person, you're talking to a Calgary Bot.

It doesn't matter which team announces a signing, the Calgary Bot automatically creates that reply, this is probably the fourth time in the last week I've seen that response. :minidisc: :desktop_computer:


First off your in Calgary so that’s what smells and secondly all these hires ? It’s only been two , Chris Jones and now Geroy ! Are you getting nervous in Calgary again ? Nervous like Bo starting another losing playoff game ?

Obviously your not aware of the rules as Edmonton now has 5 years to pay off those salaries of the fired staff

Not at all. What does Calgary smell like? Success? seems fishy

Yes, I'm quite aware of the rules & have commented upon it before. That's why Jones was hired - his ability to handle a multitude of positions. But he gets to hire his own team so why is the Simon hiring a CAP issue? You think he's stuck with all the assistant coaches there? Lots of hiring to be done yet. It's one guy with lots of juggling to come. I don't see a problem. Stamps have 9 guys in Football Ops. Bottom line - they can go over the CAP but if they go more than $100K over the penalties become quite onerous. Also, if the former employees get other work in football, those CAP consequences likely go away. I'm not sure it's a good idea for Sunderland to stay away from the phone for 2 years counting his cash. Same with Persson.

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Better learn fast Geroy, never know when Jones will jump ship on his Elk contract and head elsewhere.

I wish I was a member of the Bot's... how cool would it be to have famous NYC restauratuer Babu Bot as a relative!

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Lol you wish more like a choke job in playoffs

Hmmm...... comedy? A defense mechanism?

You like using comedy to deflect from answering questions... deflection is a defense mechanism

Quid pro quo. Lol

No not a defense mechanism..I just have great timing and take an opening when one is presented..One of my many talents

You must admit, however, that objectivity is not one of your many talents.

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I'm very objective....I know what greatness really is, and happen to cheer for an organization that has it

Great to know you're another Winnipeg Blue Bomber's fan.
You probably should change your avatar.....
Mrs Bomber's??
12 Grey Cups?

I'll let you decide..:football:

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Like I said. I know what greatness really is. I see it's something you can't relate to.