Geroy Simon is Finished-

I really think SASK can win the Grey Cup this season. They have the pass rushers now with CHICK and FOLEY and are very solid on defense-

I like every single acquisition that the Riders made. I feel this year will be a good one for SASK. They are an improved team, and CORTEZ should be able to make sure that Durant has tremendous success. I anticipate Durant having his best year as a PRO this year-

There is however 1 guy who is basically milking the CFL and now SASK and his name is GEROY SIMON. This man is just not a professional athlete anymore. At the age of 37 he is too old to play anymore. Wally BUONO knew this very well as he kept getting hamstring injuries last 2 seasons-

Geroy is a speed receiver with very limited PHYSICAL ability to outmuscle defenders- His speed is gone, he will not beat a 23-25 year old DB in the CFL. When he did play with the LIONS he had virtually no Deep separation on any pattern and was just a short receiver who could only get open vs a ZONE.

He is only playing in the CFL because of the $$, the real business world is not going to pay this guy anything, so he will continue to keep collecting his hefty salary. Unlike CALVILLO who can still produce at the age of 40, the receiver position is a position of speed and youth- Are there any other starting receivers in the CFL even over the age of 35? Arland Bruce may be one, and BC cut him also because he was injured more than he was playing- Bruce at least is a physical receiver who does not only rely on speed-

I wish your team all the luck but I hope the coaching staff does what they should and relegate SIMON as a receiving COACH or a backup, he is just simply not good enough anymore to play.
Watch carefully this season at SIMON- Pay attention to how many deep passes he gets and how much separation he is getting on any deep attempts. Pay also close attention to every pass that he is involved in contact with a defender- You will find he will drop the ball if there is contact. He was our #1 receiving option in BC and could only muster 2 Touchdowns last season and 1 td was forced to him at the goal line vs TORONTO where he caught a 3 yard slant and fumbled the ball and recovered it in the endzone. More than often LULAY was throwing the ball to SIMON or looking at him as the #1 read and he still had very pedestrian numbers.
Father time catches up with every athlete- Simon especially was finished at the age of 35, he was still dominant from the age of 30-34 but then when 35 hit he was FINISHED-

Just watch and revisit this thread with comments during the season as I am very confident that you will see what I predicted about SIMON is true- Wally Buono does not let good player walk away.

I STRONGLY disagree with that. Now obviously he is not the player he was 5 or 6 years ago, but nobody plays in this league just for the money, least of all Geroy. He is an intense competitor who plays to win. Foolhardy is the one who dismisses his character so easily.

As for his physical skills, he's never been a power guy and he's never been a speed guy. he's always been an all round guy with tremendous savvy. He's never had a problem finding space even though he's not a power guy and he's never had a problem getting wide open deep even though he's not a flat out speed guy. Even in the last 2 seasons, you do not remember him DESTROYING the Riders in 2011?

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savvy at :55
power at 1:09
wheels at 1:40

zone or man? who cares?

zone? fine, but he did outrun Watkins across the field

this one IS man, ran right by

I'll take that, thanks

And these are ALL RECENT.

I don't expect him to get 1000 yards. That's what Dressler is for. But he can still play. He can still contribute. Now, are they paying too much for the role he will take? That's a separate topic, and a worthy one at that. But can he play? Can he contribute? Does he play to win? I'm sorry. Talk to the hand. Discussion over.

Wow he hasn't even stepped onto the field yet and you're already missing him...

I too predict that we will all get older.

I Agree (with one exception) :thup:

Unlike most Rider Fans, i agree with this aswell. I was actually saddend a little when the Riders picked up Geroy. IMHO Geroy can really only help the other receivers off the field. Showing them what he would do as a training / learning regime and how to improve by coaching them up a little on their assignments/routes. I want to be wrong and i want Geroy the 37 year old to prove me wrong ( afterall i am only a dumb sports fan / arm chair qb ) but now with hammstring problems flairing up right at the right time. Geroy, i don't want to say it but i'm thinking more and more than you are a bum. Plus Green and your face just look weird together. We know that the day you decide to retire, you will phone up Wally and ask for a trade or whatever so you can call it quits as a Leo.

Other than that, IM EXCITED FOOTBALL IS FINALLY HERE! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: GO Riders!

Rider Pride -- Nation Wide =)

Plus Green and your face just look weird together.

have to say....this was a pretty funny comment!!! lol it's does look weird!

I think we'll get at least the same out of him this year as BC did last best.

at least at best?

At "least" we'll get half a season out of him..."Best" case scenario...sorry guess I'll email you separately Depop so I can explain all my posts to you.

I was legitimately asking if you thought the Riders would get at least as much from him as last season, or at best the same as last year. When a guy misses 1 third of a season the statements are very different.

It is not out of the question that Simon could be well paced and rested throughout the season as he already has missed the first game. They will want and need him down the stretch run and into the playoffs. He will be much like signing a baseball pitcher who is up in years but can give you a half a season of quality pitching and use of his expereince in pressure packed games down the stretch and into playoffs is something invaluable to a team.
Heck even if they put him his big salary and all expenses paid room at the Hall embassy suites on the 9 game IR and spring him into action on Labor day and/or the Banjo Bowl will have the Bombers and the rest of the league scrambling to scheme a defense with him in mind opening up the offense to much more options. On the field he will need to be accounted for and if a team thinks like he is finished even better for the Riders

Interesting post cflsteve. Hope Simon is in down the stretch; 3 games vs Lions. Game 1 Sept.29th in Regina and so on.

I agree with you assessment of how the team can use Geroy. I heard Jock Climie say something to the effect that all Geroy really has to do is catch one ball that gets them into the Western Final or the Grey Cup and he has done his job. Basically, I think that is exactly what the Riders have in mind. I also think they brought him on board because of his ability to mentor the younger receivers - to many of them, Geroy is a god, and because they knew that Superman is a Team player and once signed on would work hard for the team. I think we are sooo lucky to have Geroy.

I think that is what Geroy also has in mind. extend his career a bit in the right situation with a team that has been built to win the Grey Cup this year but also has been built to sustain a run of excellence with the young players. players who are in their prime and some older but still very good players.
He has got the Royal treatment top salary, endorment deal with Embassy suites which provides him a suite for the season etc.

His first TD in a Rider uniform and over 100 yards receiving on the he threw a couple of great blocks and used his veteran knowledge of the defense to set himself up pretty nicely for a couple of those receptions.........any more questions regarding his worthiness to wear our uniform?.............thought not. ROCK ON GEROY!

I don't think his ability has been so much in question as the price tag. I have always been on the fence with it, but with the way he was helping on the sideline while injured and the way he helped elevate his teammates games (receivers anyways) without being on the game day roster...I am more than happy now.


expensive or not it was a hole that needed to be filled.
Aside from dressler they went through a slew of import receivers from all different walks of life Taj Smith did manage to secure one spot but he is definetely the 5th receiver. Carr should be better but he was not and it is obvious that they are going for a Grey Cup win now.
Also playing a lot of Single TE sets with Stephenson and double with Stephenson and the new fav receier 77. McHenry also getting a lot of time on offense as an H Back gives them a lot of different personal packages where geroy or Bagg both coming of injuries are not on the filed for every play.
They have used McHenry very effectively as an H Back and the surprise throw to Clark. Next I would suspect to see some Stephanson involved in the offense out of the TE spot as well as Sanders working in as a hybrid back with some packages for both players

The 30 yard TD pass from Willy to Simon; over the shoulder catch was silky smooth Too!

And 125 yds of receiving, another reciever steps up to the plate.

I have no problem with the team spending big bucks to get Geroy........we all knew - or should have - that they were gearing up for the Grey Cup and it isn't as if the club can't afford his salary.

The main reason I have championed Geroy is because the guy is a team player all the way - no matter what uniform he wears. When I watched the interview with him after joining the team and heard the sincerity in his voice as he spoke of his commitment to the team and how happy he was to be a Rider, I wasn't the least surprised. His ability to read defences and take advantage of holes is well known - Wally spoke of it often. That he is living up to everything I hoped I would see him do is confirmation that my belief in him was more than justified.

Glad to hear you are coming around to seeing his true value to the team.

I've never really questioned his abilities or knowledge so much as the hit on cap. 180k is a lot for ANY reciever, especially and aging one coming off of injury. The fact he re-injured what ailed him last season supports that. It is more a weighing of remaining physical ability vs knowledge and leadership vs wage. In no way would I ever say it is bad having him around. All that said, if the Riders do well, and do not hit the second tier infraction, I am all for it. If they break 100K over, only a championship result would be worth it.