Geroy Simon In Hamilton?

Hey I was just wondering if we could get Geroy Simon now I'm not going to post who we should trade but if you want to go right ahead.

The reason for this post is I was watching the game on the tsn broadband and noticed that they are not using him at all. Later in that game he doesn't even come on the field to line up for the 2 point conversion and Wally ripped into him.

Could this mean Geroy wants out?

Hmm, I highly doubt that he could be had but boy he would look great in Ticat stripes. And as much as I love Corey Holmes, I would make a trade including him, a draft pick and a lineman even from our steadily improving o-line for Geroy? Probably not enough though?

Yes I would make that trade aswell but it might seem more of a realistic trade as the season goes on and Geroy Simon gets the ball less and less kinda like Holmes is right now. I just think we are in need of a deep threat and who better than what Milt Steagle calls the best receiver in the CFL.

well the problem is bc doesnt really need anything but.....

i guess since we aint using julian radlein too much

giv em julian radlein and our first round pick for the 2008 draft since we will likely have the first pick

i like julian radlein and i think he is a great player but for some reason we ar starting kori dickerson....

I'm sure BC would want 2 good players for him.

Jason Maas and Cory Holmes thats two good players :lol: :roll:

If there is one position BC is solid at it’s QB. I don’t know how they keep coming up with these gems, but they do.