Geroy Pose

Hi Bc fans,

can anyone give me a picture of geroy simon doing his superhero pose? Msg me if you do it would be awsome!

happy thanksgiving

I think Geroy is great, but that pose is so lame. IMO, such a superb athlete needs a pose that is not so dainty.

In any event, he's the guy scoring the TDs, so I suppose he can pose anyway he likes.

I don't agree with that - "dainty" doesn't describe it for me. It's simple and nothing more is needed - his play is what dazzles us....Geroy's "flash" is on the field. His celebration need not take away from that. I think that "less is more" applies here and it's all about the play....the pose is just the exclamation mark. And I love Geroy's - it just "fits" for me.

It's so emphatic!
What I like it that he does it for his kids, what a thrill for them to be recognized by Dad.
Class player on a class-act team.
Couldn't be prouder.

its not as though hes going around and running like an idiot like Copeland and Lewis.

Geroy does it for his kids which is what matters. Don't need all the dances when you do all the scoring.

I prefer the pose that Clermont doesn't make. To me, that says more than any pose or dance routine ever could. Geroy is so good, he doesn't have to pose at all. If Geroy trotted out of the endzone like Clermont does, that would be the best exclamation point of all.

I can see that all of you like the pose, and I didn't realize he does it for his kids. It's not my favourite, but I can certainly live with it, especially if he was able to do it 10 times per game!

To each his own though....what works for some doesn't work for others, that's all. Just as the players are individuals, they all have their own "thing" they do. And I think Geroy's is a nice balance of not too much and just enough. We do things for our kids in life and, in the end, that's what it's all about. I respect Geroy for that.

Geroy's pose is OK - But Clermont's style is best.

Clermont's lack of celebration simply says "enough said"