Geroy only needs 3 more TDs to surpass Swervyn Mervyn Fernan

Geroy Simon only needs 3 more TouchDowns to surpass Swervyn Mervyn Fernandez in Total TDs! He should get a huge Ovation! Recall how exciting Mervyn was in the 80s!

Believe it'll happen Saturday night! You gotta Believe!

Geroy's got a cool new website!

Mervyn was the man, wish he played here longer!

If he doesn't do it saturday it shouldn't really count. They played 16 games a season back then.

Yes, he was outstanding here, and just average in the NFL, but I guess he had to go where the big dollars were.

Maybe if Oakland or LA had a qb he would have got the ball more, they had some pretty good recievers that whole time too. I thought he was better there. All he did here is run deep Dewalt would throw it as far as he could and the Bomber secondary would tip it up in the air and hed catch it and run for a touchdown. Those were my Bomber years and remember vividly.

But i also remember Mervin coming back to the lions in the middle of the 1994 season , he did not do much, i think in game he caught 2 touchdowns, and then they started to run back kick off's , but he did not do much after that and the lions realsed him with about 4 games left in the season.

Yah I remember that as well kind of a Toronto like move. I wonder Where Ray Alexander is now he was pretty good too. Theyve had some great recievers over the years.