Geroy locked up long term

Import receiver Geroy Simon has signed an extension to his existing contract.

( Wire)-- The BC Lions Football Club announced today that import receiver Geroy Simon has signed an extension to his existing contract. The deal keeps Simon in Black and Orange through the 2009 season.

“This is a great day for our organization and fans of the BC Lions,? said GM and head coach Wally Buono. “Geroy has been a significant contributor on the field throughout his career and perhaps more important is the work he does in our community.?

Simon led all Lion receivers in receptions (89) and yards (1,322) in 2005 and currently ranks 6th all-time in team history with 350 receptions for 5,695 yards and 40 touchdowns.

“I am very happy to get this deal done,? said Simon. “On both a professional and personal level, I couldn’t have asked for more. To know that my family is happy and secure makes going out and performing at a high level very easy to do. We have a very talented team and I’m excited to be a part of its future.?

Glad to see him locked up for a good term....Clermont next???

excellent...if i were to order a Lions jersey, it would be Simon.

I would like to see Clermont become a Rider. C'mon Roy, fix one your biggest mistakes, not drafting Jason who was right under your nose.

Who the hell would want to play for the Riders?? Are you on crack or something? BC's the best place to play in the CFL for gods sake!! Use your head.

It is?? Then why did Barrin Simspon want out? Clermont played for the Regina Rams and is from this area. It would just be a case of his coming home, and we will just see how many will want to be in BC when they finish last.

i like BC, but they are headed for the western basement.

I don't think so....I really like our defense with Banks added to the secondary. And if one or two of those import linemen that Wally found works out, then Dickenson will have a field day throwing to Simon, Clermont, Jackson, Simmonds, Thellwell.

Keep underestimating us, we don't mind the other teams taking us lightly!

Well sportsmen , that is if Dickenson stays healthy for the year. If he is out for any significant amount of time, I dont think the Lions are going to do that well without him.

bc lions < Edmonton
bc lions < Calgary
bc lions < saskatchewan

Simpson wanted out because he turned out to have a me first attitude . He wanted to play every down wether the defensive situation called for a prototype middle linebacker or not . We're better off without him . We got some great linebackers to take his place.
If Dickenson goes down we'll find out how good Jarius Jackson is . He's being compared to Printers and they're very high on him .
As Sportsman already said keep underestimatitng us because your team isn't and you won't be in a few months from now as you're trying to play catch up.

Ye who have little faith...............wake up and smell the coffee..........we had a great season last year........we dominated in just about every game win or is the CFL and it is a game of inches..........last place in the west..........i doubt it...............but it will be a WILD WEST SHOOTOUT this year for SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JC will stay a LION

If Geroy finishes his playing days in BC the way he has been playing, he will rank up there with Fernandez, Alexander,and Armour.But only after that, not yet.

You bagged a good one. No question about it. The Riders alone can thank Simon for a couple of losses.

what about Antonio Warren? What are the Lions waiting for there? Even in Canada, leading running backs are worth securing, dont you think?

Ohhhh No!!! Jarious Jackson, Formur Denver Bronco.... He §ucked In The NFL... Was A 7th Round NFL Draft Pick In I Think 2001... someone'd Have To Check That.... If They Got High Hopes For Him... They Got High Hopes For Nothing... I Like Dickenson, And BC And I Say BC Finish With A Fair Above 500. Record This Year, Nothing Too Great... But Still Fair...Just Hope Jarious Jackson Don't See The Field...

J. Jackson will be okay. Pierce and Jackson had decent a camp and exhibition season. We'll see what happens if they get any reps in blow out games. The unfortunate part is with the all the teams improving this year, there may not be many blow out games.