Geroy guarantees a win in Regina!

Apparently on twitter, G.Simon guaranteed a win over the Riders. Bold and gutsy call by one of the premier receivers in the league. My Riders better be ready. If Jarious falters or gets hurt who will Wally put in Casey or Lulay?? :cowboy: :rockin:

Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

Geroy should just shut up and worry about catching the ball tonight!

he's full of it.

He's right.
BC will win.

If Jarious falters or gets hurt who will Wally put in Casey or Lulay??

I say Lulay will play Casey has been told by the Doctors not to play until there next game at home against Calgary.

So Jariuos Better step it up , as well as the whole team. Geroy saying they are going to win is going to back fire in his face if the lions are not carefull, i have seen teams do that before and next thing you know they got slotterd.

Stupid thing to do, Geroy.

K, does Simon even use Twitter, or is Turkey just having some fun? :lol:

Or both. Simon does use twitter because I think he was fined last season for tweeting something about being fined for not covering the logo on some gloves or something that he wore in a game that were not league approved.

I just took a look for it it and say this:

Another loss This is one of the biggest free falls of my career I vow to be better and help everyone around me better We will win in Regina!
Edited: Didn't see that quote originally.

...what an idiot...

Now, now, cflisthebest, it is all in good fun according to Geroy and Tad Kornegay who were twittering away about the game. Talk is cheap and those who talk the talk but dont' walk it will soon find that all boasts aside, the team best prepared will win the day.


He'll put Geroy in, who will throw a 60 yard td pass to himself! :lol:

As much as I hope Simon is right I know deep down the riders will win this one.

GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Maybe some rider luck will be with the Lions tonight for a BC win!

Weather conditions are uggggly tonight. Still seems like a silly thing for Geroy to say, nothing like giving teams extra motivation that they really didn't need. I don't think the Riders were looking past a 1-5 BC team, but if by chance they were they aren't now.

Ya well what else is he supposed to say? “My team sucks, we are going to get our a##es kicked, I think I should retire, wonder where Wally will end up after tonight…”

To be honest, if what Blue Blood quoted is correct, I don't really see a problem.

He didn't guarantee a win what he did say that he was going to go to Regina expecting to win. nothing wrong with that as everyone expects that but he didn't say he would guarantee a win . as reported on Team 1040 this morning.