Although I had to miss the game tonight, it sounds like Geroy's back in top form again.

His hamstring was giving him a lot of grief last year but it doesn't seem to be bothering him now...very reassuring!

Go 81!

Geroy looked on top of his game last night. I know its only pre-season, but I liked what I saw!

Simon looks to be in position to continue his dominance in the CFL as one of the best, if not the best receiver . A healthy start to the year should help him get off to a much better start this year. Considering what he did last year while suffering from a hamstring injury part of the year, I would expect him to be right in the mix again (if not blow everyone away) this year!

Geroy keeps this up, he is going to end up the next best to Mervyn the lions have ever had, if not already.

Good anology FYB. When somebody says, name the top 3 Lion receivers, I think of:

Jim Young
Mervyn Fernadez
Geroy Simon

I'd put TJ Acree as #4 of all time BC Lions receivers :wink:

And I went and benched Geroy for week 1. :x

Actually, I wanted to see what B.C. did first before I played him. Last year it seemed like B.C. really rode Smith. I'm curious if they'll do the same.

They may have rode him a bit more than normal due to Simons hammy. Just a guess.

Seeing how Geroy is doing this year, that Hamstring injury must have been more serious than we were led to beleive.

Me too

Geroy is 122 yards away from becoming the Lions all-time leading receiver, passing Jim Young.

He is 3 TDs away from passing Young in career TD catches.

These records will also fall in four less years than it took "Dirty 30."

Safe to say no other Lion will wear #81. He is already one of the Lions all-time greats and he is far from finished.

Yes, he still has a few years left! :thup: :thup: