Geroy and the Riders

The CFL home page has a headline that Geroy Simon wants to stay with the Riders.
Has there been any indication in Riderville that he may not be back?
Will he be asked to take a pay cut to return?
What is the work out of Riderville?

I doubt he'll be asked to take a pay cut. He was offered one year plus an option when he came here, and I expect the Riders will honour that by allowing him to play out his option.

You would think so but it is a one plus an option.
I would say in a regular situation but they have two 1,000 import receivers in their prime who are free agents that will be looking for an increase and one with NFL interest and there is a younger import 1,000 yard receiver that is a FA.
It may just seem this way but since NFLE was dropped and the AFL has declined as well as a two year UFL stint the NFL seems to be poching mor and more from the CFL.
The NFL is able to grab guys in their prime with pro experience and know what they are getting as far as a good character player.
With so much exposure from NCAA and NFL players who are less than upstanding citizens.

they also need to free up some money jic Sheets is available. Who do you give that money to? Geroy, who is a top end leader on and off the field, but in the decline of his career, or Sheets, who is not a great leader at this point but is in his prime and only made 63K+7k in incentives in 2013? Durant will also be negotiating at some point in the next year.

Personally I would see where Geroy’s head is at with a 90-120k contract, see if that is doable, and sign him for 2-3 seasons, thus extending his career somewhere he is interested in playing…a paycut, but giving him decent money past his prime.

I think that is what may be being suggested here that he wants to come back to Regina but a salary cut may need to happen to make it so.
I agree he is a great leader with the Grey Cup experience but they now have a whole team of such players who are character guys and all stars that the torch could be passed to provided that they can sign Dressler.

I would think Geroy, contribution wise, would be worth about 110,000.00. 40- 50 catches, 700 - 800 yards would dictate that. Add in a 25,000 intangible factor and I would hope they can settle at around 135,000.000. Assuming the cap will go up by about 15%, They could even give him 155,000.00 and still have it at 135,000.00 in last years dollars. Still to much, but better than the 175,000.00 from last year, which would equate to 201,000 with the cap increase this year, as a percentage of total cap.

That is way too much for this season and I think he would knows that. 110K is not too shabby either. Being a full time resident in BC keeping his spokesperson deal with Hall Embassy SUites for the season is a nice bonus as well.

Speaking of spokesperson endorsement deals i could see the Riders business community start a better trend around the CFL where players will be offered spokesperson or Endorsement deals. The popularity of the Riders and their players in their province I can see it happening.

I could see a SaskTell commercial with Durant texting up a TD play to Korey Sheets or Weston Dressler.

Reminds me of a Cell Phone service commercial when Doug Flutie came back to the NFL dialing up Darrin Flutie in Canada

correct me if i'm wrong but I believe that Geroy has taken a position with Aspen Medical here in Regina ?

:lol: protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of God in their's :twisted:

3 NFL teams are interested in Dressler so he could be gone. That would free up lots of room in the cap as he is likely on the higher end of the pay scale for recievers. Shologun was making a ton of cash as well so I'm sure the Riders should have no problem retaining alot of their free agents.

They would both open up a ton of cap space and if they want to keep most if not all their free agents that are staying in the CFL they will need it.
Butler and Milo will be hott commodities in free agency. Should Sheets return also will deserve top RB $$$. Taj Smith after a 1,000 yard season may want to keep him very happy sould dressler go by way of NFL.
Plus Durant has been banged up a lot the last two years so bringing Willy back may seem easy if Winnipeg does not choose to pursue him but I would not look it as an automatic return.
Hamilton has a stable of QBs but if Austin was coaching in the NCAA when Willy was there and Ottawa made a wise choice by chosing the best availble back up under contract in Demarco but if they saw what I did I would sign Willy and tade Demarco if the chance presented itself