Geroy and Paris news.

In an interview, Geroy and Paris even said they weren’t playing at there fullest because they were giving the newer players and opportunity, and after that though, Geroy and Paris said they both have to step up there game for a play off spot, well yesterday they did, and they both got over 100 yards. It was not Geroy’s and Paris’s decision to let those newer players see the ball more, Geroy even said before he hates how he doesn’t see the ball as much, but why would the coaches or coordinators decide to let the newer players see the ball more when they got 2 insanely good receivers?

And ha, this proves a point that 2 players can change a whole entire game, thats what Geroy and Paris did with there receiver yards. See what happens when those 2 try? They fricken dominate.

NVM! ignore that. I misheard, instead Paris and Geroy were saying, if they want to start winning games, the QB's have to start looking at those two more in the game. Which is true.