Germaine Copeland

Yesterday was something that was one of the classiest things I have seen for a long time. Mr. Copeland spent his day off with the homeless. Handing out individually coats collected at the last home game. Jermaine did this even while the guy has an infection on his cheekbone. I am wondering did this guy do this in Montreal. He left a good impression not only on the homeless in this city but many that witnessed his great dedication. There were a few brand new Stamp winter jackets given as well. Good effort by Jermaine.
Jermaine says he likes working with people less fortunate and in anyway he can he will help out.

All these guys care about is his dancing.

Class act no doubt, and been that way since he's been here.

There was never a problem with Cope in Montreal. He got more money and flew to Calgary. Montreal's offense was never the same again :frowning:

I despise Copeland. Unless he is traded to the Riders...

I dont know for sure one way or the other but I would be surprised if he didnt. Most pro athletes are involved in some sort of Charity work in their home city.

I have in the past criticized Germaine about his dancing and I didn't believe that he would clean up his act this year but I have to readily admit I was wrong. Copeland has concentrated on doing whatever it takes to help the Stamps and his play has improved as well. Germaine to my knowledge has always been a positive community guy, which I acknowledge even when criticizing his dancing.

I don't know who the Stamps nominated for comeback player of the year but Copeland deserves consideration.

He's easily one of my favorite non-riders...

Nice to know that he is a great human being.

He isn't one of my favourites, but most of these guys are decent people who will give of their time to help in the community.
Nice to see Copes is one of the good guys!

pffft homeless always looking for handouts

Your gf is wrong- you dont need culture, you need sensitivity training, I do believe that comes right after the potty training. :roll:

I don't see that as a handout at all...I see it as helping out someone less fortunate than oneself, which is hugely the looks of things, no one should ever go to corny for assistance, should they need it, and really, what's he going to do if he ever needs some help himself?

Corny is jealous he wanted one of the brand new Stamps winter jacket. It is always good to see stories like this and many are usually not told. I thought I would share this with you.

I have to wonder, is corneskers really Larry under an assumed name.

No I have chatted with both and they are not the same. Corny is just a bit confused. How is the Uhaul business there corny? Larry well he has a liesure suit and is a lounge lizard in Edmonton his real job is monkey trainer at the zoo.

Actually, Larry did have some great points, you just had to see past the insults to see them. Cornholer, on the other hand, is just a loser who tries to stir things up by making asinine comments.

Back on topic, its great to see Copeland and other CLFers give back to the community.

Gee it's not like RED WHITE 05 to misspell one of HIS player's names. Oh I'm sure he'll have an excuse for it though since he is NEVER wrong!

ah Sambo you take corny to serious. He is not all that bad he just likes to get a rise out of some.