George White

After his release, it would sure be nice to see him in Green and White. Not sure if we had room for him. He was a very good player last couple years, too bad he lost his job while he was injured.

when did he get released?

Geroge White has not been released nor has Grace! Rumors of trades but these are just rumors nothing concrete! :lol:

RW dude, you might wanna check cfl webpage, it says that allen and white were released by the stampeders...

Wow that was quick this afternoon the offical word was there were rumors of a trade but nothing was happening. Thanks

George White released? Interesting. I wonder what bad a$$ Mike Pontin thinks of this...

now that i read Mike McCullough is injured :expressionless: maybe someone like White would be a nice addition to the club :cowboy:

I dont think mike mccullough can hack it any way... I say get white on the squad!

IMO if a team has players who are injured like Mike, they should fill in someone with equal value or better 8) White should be able to fill those shoes just nice :wink: wake up Tillman!!! :expressionless: