George White Released

Man this guy had something like 120 tackles last year., I think he would be a huge upgrade on our OLB.

8) Already a thread started on this topic earlier !!!!

my bad

who cares !!! SIGN HIM!!! our LBs need work and he is work incarnate

They won’t sign him because he is older and more experienced than Kavis Reed. Also why would he want to come here, I’m sure he’s waiting for a contender to give him a call.

or a defense to be designed around him!!

feed his ego, sign the guy!!!

I think George would be great for your defense one heck of guy. Class and very good as well. But got beat out by kid Abdulah! I wish him luck where ever he goes but right now your defense could use this guy.

For the record, George White turns 29 on Novermber 17.

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Oski Wee Wee,

I think the ti-cats would be making a big mistake not making a play for White. It cant hurt to inquire. Might give Hitchcock a little help back there too.